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About the Creator

Brigit Esselmont is the powerhouse behind the incredible Biddy Tarot brand.  In 1999, she started the Biddy Tarot website sharing everything she learned about Tarot – interpretations, spreads, and techniques.  After 15 years of working as a management consultant and human resource strategist, she had the sense that that wasn’t meant to be her life path. In 2012, she took the leap and left her corporate job, as her gut — and trusted Tarot cards —  inspired her to embrace her true calling: teaching others how to get the most out of their Tarot practice.

She encourages millions of people every year to view Tarot as “The Mirror To Your Soul”* which allows you to “trust your intuition and manifest your future, with Tarot as your guide.”*

Author of Everyday Tarot, Brigit Esselmont created the Everyday Tarot Deck, with illustrations by Eleanor Grosch, to “bring a new perspective to the cards, giving modern soul-seekers the tools they need to access their inner wisdom and create an inspired life, every single day.”

About Everyday Tarot

“It’s about trusting your intuition – and letting the cards guide you to the answers you need.”

Brigit Esselmont

This deck lives up to its name, Everyday Tarot – I can definitely see this becoming my deck for daily divination!  Its small form factor and sturdy packaging make it an easy choice to carry in your favorite tote bag, backpack, or purse for readings on the go.

Often when I work with a new deck, there’s a “breaking in period” where I need to spend time shuffling to loosen up the new deck.  Then, explore the imagery to get a feel for the way it reads.  With Everyday Tarot, I was able to jump right into reading thanks to the easy shuffling and clear symbolism.

This is a great deck for anyone who is new to the symbology of the tarot or wants to take the dive into intuitive reading.  Keep reading to find out why…

Image by Serendipity Wyrd

The Packaging:The Everyday Tarot comes packaged in a clear plastic box wrapped in a sturdy cardboard wraparound with magnetic closure.  Opening the magnetic closure reveals the 88 page guide book which slides neatly into the packaging for safe-keeping.  The packaging is well-designed.  The plastic structure of the box offers more protection for the deck than the typical thin cardboard box many decks are packaged in.  I would not be afraid to throw the Everyday Tarot into a backpack, purse, or other tote bag.

The small size of the Everyday Tarot makes carrying it everywhere a real possibility.  The complete package is less than 3 x 2 x 4 inches! The full-color guidebook included with the deck is bound to ensure durability.  No flimsy “little white book” here!  Concise and to the point, the guidebook offers both upright and reversed interpretations for all 78 cards.  For a deeper exploration of the “inner wisdom” of the Tarot, pick up Everyday Tarot: Unlock Your Inner Wisdom and Manifest Your Future, also by Brigit Esselmont and illustrated by Eleanor Grosch.

The Cards: The cards in the Everyday Tarot Deck are lovely!  A deep purple, brilliant gold, and crisp white make up the color palette of the deck.  The edges are gilded with a slightly shimmery golden tone that doesn’t appear to flake or brush off with handling and shuffling. 

I’m loving the matte finish which is consistent on both the front and back of the cards.  Speaking of the card backs, the minimal design fits perfectly with the clean, modern illustration style found throughout the deck.  The focal point of the back design is a symmetrical illustration of the four suits (swords, cups, wands and pentacles) on purple background.

The cardstock is supple and flexible without being too bendy.  Riffle shuffling the Everyday Tarot is a joy!  Right out of the box, I was able to both shuffle and bridge the deck with no issues.  Easy shuffling allowed me to jump straight into reading.  The smaller format adds to the ease of shuffling. Individual card size is 2.5 x 3.5 inches equal to standard playing card sizing.

Art & Images: If you are a fan of sleek, elegant minimalist designs, this is the deck for you!  Eleanor Grosch’s illustrations in the Everyday Tarot offer traditional images through a fresh, modern lens that taps into the intuition without extraneous esoteric symbols.  This consistent art style is clear and effective.

Minor and Major arcana are all fully illustrated using the signature Biddy Tarot purple, gold and white color palette.  All three colors are employed to create diversity in skin tone among the various figures found throughout the deck.  Body postures and positioning evokes a clear sense of emotion while offering the possibility for storytelling with every figure.

Ease of Learning & Memorizing

The imagery of the Everyday Tarot Deck lends itself to intuitive reading without the need for extensive study.  The guidebook supports the ease of learning.  This deck is well-designed for a reader of any skill level to dive in, even if armed only with the guidebook as a companion. 

What I really appreciate about the guidebook is the phrasing of the interpretations.  Instead of obscure keywords or detailed explanations of esoteric symbols, the guidebook offers interpretations and actionable advice centered on “you.”  While I personally appreciate obscure keywords and esoteric symbols they can present a barrier and steep learning curve for entry into the amazingness that is Tarot.  The Everyday Tarot dissolves these barriers opening the wisdom of the Tarot to a wider audience.

For example, the Moon upright reads, “Connect with your intuition and subconscious mind.  You are experiencing the subtle forces of nature, especially the lunar cycles.  Allow yourself to flow with these energies.”** 

Centering the interpretation on the reader allows for an emotional connection and intuitive understanding of the message of each card.  This emphasis on the reader is empowering and encouraging.  Even the more challenging energies of the Tarot such as The Devil and The Tower offer inspiration and reassurance leading to understandable readings from day 1.

With the insights of the Everyday Tarot, you are given the tools to embrace your intuition and explore the wisdom of the Tarot while possibly learning a little about yourself in the process!

Deck Specs:

Publisher: RP Minis

Number of Cards: 78 + 2 instructional cards

Publication Date: October 9, 2018Package Dimensions: 2.95 x 1.95 x 3.8 inches (7.5 x 4.95 x 9.65 cm).
Approximate Card Measurements: 2.5 x 3.5 in (6.35 x 8.89 cm).

Everyday Tarot may be purchased at: Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Books-A-Million, Powell’s, Indiebound, Angus & Robertson (AU),

* Quotation citation: About Brigit – Professional Tarot Reader | Biddy Tarot
** Quotation citation: Guidebook for Everyday Tarot

About Serendipity Wyrd: 

Serendipity Wyrd is a professional tarot reader, intuitive witch, and content creatrix who specializes in divination and working with deity.  A denizen of social media, Serendipity is the lead admin in The Witch With Me Community facebook group where they create engaging content while encouraging new (and experienced) witches in their craft.  They own and operate their own group, Wyrd Divination, focused on reader development and exploring different methods of divination.  

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