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This week I am using the humorous and whimsical Ship of Fools Tarot deck. This is a great deck to help us navigate serious issues in life with a fresh perspective. One which offers humility and hope. Let’s face it, after the year we have all had, all you can do is laugh. 

Take a deep breath, close your eyes. Then look at the cards and choose the card you are most drawn to. 


Card Number 1: Five of Swords

Feelings can be easily hurt this week. You might feel like you can’t understand others’ actions and this can leave your emotions stuck in a slump. It is likely that much of these uneasy feelings will come from what you choose to absorb this week. Be gentle with yourself, don’t over consumer negative media or invite righteous debates online. The hurt feelings you suffer may well help you to start a big shake up your life. In fact, observing your hurt or triggers can help you to shift your perspective towards your own needs and enact some self-care this week. If you really are feeling bruised, take a deep breath and say out loud “this, too, will pass”.

Card Number 2: The Emperor

Your responsibilities are pushing you to the cliff edge. It’s time to reorganize your to-do list. What is the priority, what can wait? There will be things this week that must be attended to, commitments, and responsibilities that you chose to take on. Now you will see the full nature of these responsibilities laid out clearly in front of you, there is no burying your head in the sand any longer. If you approach these tasks with humility and quiet confidence you will glide through them, and gain respect from your peers along the way. Just be sure not to leave any letters unopened this week. Time to face up to your commitments.

Card Number 3: Seven of Cups

Sometimes you have to wait in line for good things to happen. This week will feel like a waiting game. You have the knowing, the desire, the actions, and the drive, but the things you want are just out of reach and out of your hands. Keep waiting and pushing. Good things are coming. Work will take an upturn from next week, in the meantime focus on what you have control over and your daily tasks, it might even be the mundane which leads you to the answers you are looking for. 

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