Quiz: What Type of Witch Are You?

From green witches and hedgewitches to crystal witches and cosmic witches, there are so many different types of witch that it can often be tricky working out which witch you are!

Try taking our short quiz to find out – you might just be surprised!



About the Author: Kee Reiter (they/them) is also a queer soul coach, Tarot reader, and metaphysical educator. As a psychic witch, they are well-known for bringing hard-hitting truth bombs to their students and clients while cheerleading them on to their best. With an emphasis on honest assessment, radical compassion, and unconditional support, along with a hefty dose of pragmatism, they help clients understand their story and how to change it, so they can live their most authentic, empowered lives. Book your session with Kee here.

3 thoughts on “Quiz: What Type of Witch Are You?”

  1. Love it!!! I so often feel I’m too diverse. Still learning, to be a progressive thing for the rest of my life and beyond! This really made me think and realize that I can use whatever I want, I don’t have to choose certain things!

  2. haha love this – I am new to witchcraft (in this lifetime) but love water, love watching a bonfire and also love crystals and oracle cards – a mixed bag

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