Aries Season 2021 with Fairlie Theta

Aries Season, beginning with the March Equinox, marks the start of the new astrological year. As Pisces Season ends and we reach the shores on the other side of its Mutable Sea, it’s easy to feel as if we’ve landed upon a promised land of opportunity. This is our year to conquer the world, to make our authority clear, and master the world around us. With indomitable Mars ruling the day, it’s easy to let ambition guide us. However, it’s important to remember that even though celestial movements are made and the cosmos bears down on us at all times, a year, a life, a journey is what we make it. We have the uniquely human capacity to master our destiny, to find our will, and rise to our purpose. The Vernal Equinox brings the chance to begin again, to renew our vows and forge ahead, but there is no such thing as a blank slate. Every surface bears the signature of times gone by. We simply build upon the past in the name of the future.

As the Sun crosses the threshold of Aries, the ruling planet Mars aligns with the Moon in Gemini directly atop the North Node, indicating that this is a season of collective healing through the individual. Aquarius, still a dominant energy, rises with Jupiter on the Ascendant like a gentle push from a reassuring parent. Hours later, Venus joins the Sun in Aries and the message is clear: there is beauty in contrast. Our experience as individuals is valuable because it is uniquely our own. The experiences of others layer our existence with shadows and highlights we might not otherwise see, filling out the spectrum of energy around us. This may not be comfortable: there’s a balance to be struck between individuation and collective care, and in the days leading up to the Libra Full Moon on March 28th you could find it easier to live in the extremes. At its moment of perfection, the Sun – our personal expression and highest will – sits atop Venus and Chiron, a triumph of the sovereign self. But the Moon – an indicator of both our subconscious and the collective – borrows strength from both Saturn and Mars as part of a Grand Air Trine reminding us that we are part of a cosmic intelligence. Charge forward through life and conquer your fate, but do not close off communications – there is no road untravelled and there will always be others along the way, but their journey is not yours to dictate. Learn from each other but part ways with respect when the time comes. 

Mercury joins the Aries Expedition on April 3rd – with the Sun sextile the North Node and Mercury itself joining Chiron days later, any pain you’ve carried for the last year is ready to be released. If you resisted the shed of Pisces Season, you may find it hard to keep going without putting down your baggage once and for all. In fact, the New Moon in Aries on April 11th will insist on it: with the Sun and Moon sandwiched between Venus and Mercury in aspect to Pluto and Saturn respectively, peace is a universal command. You may be surprised to find what you thought was outside influence was part of your shadow all along. Perceived conflicts with others were simply miscommunications. Resolve what you can and overlook what you can’t: conflict is draining and your energy should be put towards evolution, not obstacles. Venus enters Taurus on the 14th restoring our appreciation for the world around us and its inherent beauty – allow the transformation of the natural world to inspire your own growth from here on. As our other personal planets move to meet her, the Sun sends one last blast of light towards Pluto allowing us to see the ways our shadows adapt alongside the developments we make. Do not allow it to darken your path. Keep going, keep growing, and prepare for the next journey.

Fairlie Theta is a professional astrologer, writer, and witch. With her expansive Sagittarius Sun and eager Gemini midheaven, she actively continues to study magic, tarot, and astrology pursuing a 25-year passion for the metaphysical and occult. Her adventures in academia led her to study English, Philosophy, Fine Arts, and eventually obtained her BFA in Visual Studies from SVA, specializing in symbolism and subculture. Fairlie established her professional practice in 2010 and regularly hosts online workshops and shares her knowledge with a variety of communities. You can find more information on her work, consultations, and tools through her shop at or on Instagram where she blogs daily @fairlietheta and @moonandmajestyco.

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