5 Ways to Celebrate Ostara/Spring Equinox

With the spring equinox fast approaching, now is a great time to make some plans to celebrate the turning wheel!

On the wheel of the year, the spring equinox is known as Ostara. This sabbat was named after the Germanic spring goddess Ēostre, a maiden goddess representing growth and rebirth following a long cold winter. As it is an equinox, Ostara is a time of balance, with light and dark reaching equilibrium after the return of the light at the winter solstice.

Ostara might not be as glamorous as Litha or as exciting as Samhain, but it holds a magick all of its own making it a powerful and potent time for rituals and spellwork, particularly those relating to fertility, new beginnings, and fresh starts. Mother Nature is stirring, gently waking from her winter slumber as the longer, lighter days, and warmer temperatures coax out new leaves, spring blooms, and young wildlife.

With that in mind, here are a few of our favourite ways to celebrate Ostara!

Decorate eggs

Eggs are an important part of Ostara as they symbolize the fertility, new beginnings, and new life of spring. Spend some time decorating eggs with natural dyes or paints (be aware that they take on the taste of whatever you decorate them with) or for a vegan alternative, decorate vegan chocolate eggs with colored icing instead. Then gift them to friends and family!

Plant seeds

Working with seeds at the spring equinox is the perfect metaphor for what you hope to plant and harvest magickally this year. As the temperatures are warming up, now is the perfect time to plan out your garden for the spring and summer months and ensure a good harvest by blessing your seeds. Whether you are working with a window box or acres of land, as long as you have a sunny spot and some soil you can enjoy the magick that comes with growing your own herbs, vegetables, plants, and fruits.


One of our favourite things to do on sabbats is bake! And Ostara is perfect for making hot cross buns. Get your kitchen witch on by baking up a storm using the corresponding ingredients for your spell work. Chocolate chip buns for love and friendship, apple and cinnamon buns for prosperity and success, or traditional raisin buns for fertility and abundance.

Create with nature

Although the remnants of winter remain, nature is beginning to burst into life in some places in the Northern Hemisphere. Get crafty with the nature you have available to you, whether it’s decorating sticks and making them into beautiful wands, picking flowers (sustainably), or wildcrafting recipes with plants you have foraged, embrace the life around you and deepen your connection to nature by spending time working magick with it.

Plan spell work and ritual

Ostara is a potent time to work magick as it is imbued with all of the life-giving potential that comes with spring. Make the most of this powerful time by planning out spell work or rituals using the correspondences of the spring equinox. Not sure where to start? Our Ostara Guide has a recipe, spell, craft, and tarot spread along with all of the correspondences to help you on your magickal journey.


Want to know more about Ostara? We’ve written a handy guide for beginners packed with everything you need to create your own magick this Ostara!

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