Tarot Reading with Benjamin Blak

 Hi babes! I hope you are well and having a wonderful start to your week! Did you know that right now in the month of March we are in a Numerology 8 month?  The 8 in numerology is the powerhouse number and taps us into the themes of money, power, transformation, discipline and ambition!  In Tarot the number 8 brings us back to the strength card, this makes it a wonderful time to dig deep and usher in powerful and lasting change to our lives.  With that in mind, this week I have chosen to pull using only court cards so we that we can highlight what energy it would best serves up to step into right now…

 Take a deep breath, plant both feet on the ground, hold your hands to your heart, and close your eyes, now take three deep breaths…  Now open your eyes, take a look at the cards in front of you and choose the one that is calling to you…

Card 1: The Page Of Cups

Step into the power and curiosity of your emotions. This week you are being asked to open up to a fun and joyful approach to life, to trust your intuition, and open your heart to the possibilities that surround you. Let yourself have fun and feel free and the world will shine its light upon you.  

Card 2: The King Of Swords 

Step into the power of your intellect and ideas. If life has felt chaotic lately and it’s been a rollercoaster of emotions, the King asks you to get your thinking cap on, what actionable step you can take right now to regain your power?  Don’t underestimate your intelligence and your ability to problem solve any situation, you have your sword you just need to wield it!

 Card 3: The Knight Of Swords

Step into the power of action and decisiveness. When this Knight is about you can be sure that fast-paced change will follow.  If you already driving forward with an idea or a project this Knight asks you to take a pause and check-in with yourself to make sure you aren’t being too hasty. If on the other hand, you feel stagnant this is a call to action, to give you the push to mount your horse, grab your sword and take a big step forward and act on any ideas you have. 

Benjamin Blak is a professional Tarot reader, teacher, and Witch. He is dedicated to encouraging self-empowerment through the tools of Tarot and spirituality practice. He shares his thoughts and ideas through his video content and services. To learn more about Benjamin and his work, you can visit him on his websiteInstagram, or YouTube channel

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