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Spring is finally here in the northern hemisphere. As the day extends, lighter nights illuminate the shadows of winter. It is a great time for us to invite new energy into our homes and refresh our ideas. This is the time of year where all is possible, who knows what harvest will bring? For now, we must plant the seeds of opportunity and wait and see. This week I am using the Illuminated Tarot by Caitlin Keegan.

Take a deep breath, close your eyes. Then look at the cards and choose the card you are most drawn to. 

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Card Number 1: Two of Pentacles

You have been juggling so much, work, home, family, your health, and hobbies. The question is are you feeling in balance with this juggling act, or do you feel like everything could fall at any minute? Wherever you are on that scale remember that balance doesn’t mean having to be a pro at every task or juggling everything all at once. Balance can mean taking a break, slowing down, and remembering to breathe as we juggle our busy lives. Make some time to rebalance your energies this week, this will help you to make important decisions about your career. 

Card Number 2: Knight of Swords

Your energy is dynamic and focused. You can really get things done this week. Having worked so hard to achieve your goals you are cutting through problems, the finish line is really close. Try to take a breath and check the details before you continue to push ahead with your goal. You could otherwise be at risk of burnout in the coming weeks. Allow yourself some time for fun. Clarity in the way you communicate could land you a very important opportunity, possibly in your career. 

Card Number 3: The Fool

You are embodying spring this week. Your energy is one of youth and renewal. It is likely that spontaneous fun, joy, and opportunities will be big themes this week. Your observation skills and your ability to learn and absorb your environment are sharper. This is a great week for learning a new skill, getting into nature, or starting up new projects and goals. Be sure to look out for finding lost objects while on your adventures, they might lead you into some new possibilities. This. Is also a great time to renew your health routine. 

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