Tarot Reading with Hex Tarot

This week I am using the beautiful Crow Tarot deck by MJ Cullinane. I love how adaptable crows are. They have keen observation skills which allows them the ability to plan ahead while still maintaining complete awareness of moment. It is often said that crows never forget. 

Take a moment to observe the cards. Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Now look at the cards again and choose the one you are most drawn to. 

Card Number 1: Knight of Pentacles 

By now you should already know what you want and have the tools to get it. If you are lucky enough for this to be in material form, roll with it. Now is your time to plough the fields of effort ready to reap the rewards next month. If your material life is lacking then this is your call to embrace the crow’s adaptability and apply your skills to move away from the past and to prosper in the here and now.

Card Number 2: Knight of Cups

Are you deluding yourself? Every time you feel steady another wave knocks you over, it happens to us all.  Sometimes the waves are rough and leave you on your knees, other waves sweep you right off your feet and carry you softly onto the beach. Love will be at the centre of your life right now. Sometimes it’s rocky, others full of joy but be sure that learning and spiritual rewards are there. A soul connection will bring an open heart conversation, which will help you to see your own truth. This will be deeply healing and fill your heart with love and possibility. 

Card Number 3: Two of Swords

Prepare yourself, now is the time to weigh up your options before you will be pushed to make a choice. Storm clouds are gathering, it is time to move forward and away from conflict. Learning will be a priority for you right now and it is time, to be honest, and realistic about your choices. Take that responsibility and control in your life. But first, you must gather your courage and be willing to stand up for what you want. This week is a great time to rest and prepare before you take those actions. 

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