Featured Shoppe: Rachael Jean Art

We are delighted to be featuring some of the very best witchy shops, businesses, artists, boss witches, and service providers on social media!

Today we are finding out all about the amazing Rachael Jean Art!

Where is your shop based?

Geelong, Australia

What does your shop sell?

Tarot decks and tarot accessories

What inspired you to start your shop?

I can’t stop drawing!

What is your favourite product and why?

The Wandering Moon Tarot deck, of course, but I’m loving the printable tarot journal pages, too.

Do you have any advice for new shop owners?

Do plenty of research! and don’t be too hard on yourself when something goes wrong

Rachael Jean Art can be found on Instagram.

To back the amazing Wandering Moon Tarot deck by Rachael Jean, head over to their kickstarter here.

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