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It’s Valentine’s Day next week and a perfect opportunity to use my Valentine’s Tarot by WisdombyKK. I love the symbolism in this deck and the Cupids give us a real sense of mischief that comes with all the other complexities that love brings. Remember that not all love is romantic and the most successful relationship can be the one we have with ourselves. If that feels out of reach right now or if indeed you are caught up in Cupid’s madness, let the cards guide you and give invite some joy and play into your life this week.

Take a moment to observe the cards. Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Now look at the cards again and choose the one you are most drawn to.

Card number 1 – Six of Swords

Moving forward and letting go is not always easy. Sometimes it takes a leap of faith. This week you see an opportunity you can’t refuse, just make sure the foundations are and details are checked sound otherwise you might find yourself adrift over the coming weeks. In this spirit, there could be a big decision made this week, one which sees you change gears in your career or decide to move home. Either way, change is happening and it starts with you. 

Card number 2 – Eight of Pentacles

You made it and got here through your own hard work, now what? More hard work I’m afraid. Now is not the time to go splashing the cash or taking big risks, the cards say keep your head down and focus on your personal and professional goals this week. There is room for experimentation this week but it will be largely focused on material results rather than any sense of real adventure. The good news really comes to you through how others are perceiving you. Your skills and talent are not going unnoticed, allow yourself exposure without being your own critic and focus only on your task at hand. I can say with certainty that this week, you got this. 

Card number 3 – The Devil

You are about to be swept up into a magical world of your own making. Normally the devil is slapped with a big warning about excess, so yes be careful about being caught in the moment if it all seems like an illusion, then it probably is. If however, you have been working incredibly hard lately,  particularly in your relationship/s with yourself or others then it’s time to indulge in some passionate love, fun, and self-expression. For those of you seeking love, be wary of diving headfirst into fantasy without having all the facts, it will be difficult to pull yourself away.  The most important message for you is to operate with self-care as the gatekeeper to all your decisions and indulge in what really makes you feel good.

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