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We are now full swing into Aquarius season. Mercury goes retrograde on January 30th. We may be feeling the effect of its shadow period this week, drawing us inward and backward. To lighten the energy and keep the fresh side of Aquarius in our consciousness, I am using the Aquarian Tarot by David Palladini for this week’s tarot reveal.

Take a moment to observe the cards. Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Now look at the cards again and choose the one you are most drawn to. 


Card Number 1: The Emperor 

Are you a kind ruler to yourself or a totalitarian with yourself? You will feel all your responsibilities acutely this week. While you will feel solid and ready to take on your daily tasks it’s important to remember to be mindful with yourself and others to get the job done. Put love into your daily action and if you can, delegate, a burden shared will give you the crowning glory you deserve. 

Card Number 2: Seven of Swords

Timing is key this week. Do not sit around waiting for the good or the ugly to come calling. There has been a huge shift in your perception of reality of late, you are more aware of your own limitations and pitfalls and can see change coming. It is time to take action. But remember fools rush in where angels fear to tread. Make sure you are acting on solid information and the right opportunities will be waiting. If you’re ready to fall in love make sure you have no reservations before you completely let yourself go. 

Card Number 3: The World

You have completed a cycle. For some of you this will be the ending you needed to take new actions. Your foundations are all in place. You have more courage than usual and others see the potential in you. You will be able to step into your power and feel more stable and more renewed than ever before, closing the door on things you have held onto for so long however terrible. Karma is given you the gift of rebirth. Who do you want to be?

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