Tarot Reading with Hex Tarot

Today I am using the wonderful Illuminated Tarot by Catlin Keegan. This deck is unusual as it was created without a Major Arcana. I feel as if aspects of the trump cards are woven into the Minor Arcana. We could say that this is true of life, we can act out certain archetypes within our own divinity even during the most mundane of tasks. 

Take a deep breath, focus on all three cards and close your eyes. As you exhale open your eyes and pick the card you are most drawn to.


Card Number 1: Nine of Swords

You are likely feeling an undercurrent of anxiety right now. This comes from a place of deep truth and knowing. You are at a turning point in your life and the uneasy feelings which haunt you are the driving force that will help you to change. You know it is time. Practice stress relief this week and start setting some good habits in place, this will help you to feel rested as you begin to make radical changes in your life. 

Card Number 2: Jack of Hearts

Life sometimes holds up a mirror and it reflects the best in us. This week will be full of love. Soul connections show the absolute best in your character. Your confidence is rising and this will bring love, unity, and self-respect. You may be helping others to get through a difficult time, for this karma is on your side and a moment of pure love will enter your life this week in some form. 

Card Number 3: Eight of Spades

It’s no use having knowledge and vision if you stay firmly in your comfort zone. You must be willing to take a chance on what feels right this week. Good karma can only be delivered to those who have taken the risks to acquire it. You have everything you need to win at life. You must stand up for yourself for your happiness and karmic justice will be served in your favour.

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