Book Review: Lunar Alchemy by Shaheen Miro

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About the Author

Shaheen Miro is the creator of The Lunar Nomad Oracle and the Uncommon Tarot decks, and co-author of Tarot for Troubled Times. He offers intuitive readings, intention setting and energy clearing services to clients around the world, as well as writing a blog and newsletter on healing, empowerment and transformation. Visit him at, or connect with him on Instagram

About Lunar Alchemy

“Who you are in the beginning of this experience isn’t who you will become as you transform yourself.”

And so our journey begins, filled with radical self-care and personal empowerment, a journey to finding our power within – a power that has no sense of competition, for it is in us, ever-abundant. By understanding that we move through vibrational states, Miro leads us to the conclusion that it’s not negative thought that creates a negative life, but lingering in that vibration which manifests our physical reality. By constantly checking in with ourselves, keeping a journal, and understanding how the moon affects us, we are better equipped to bring forth a better life.

Lunar Alchemy is presented in three parts; Prepare, Understand, Practice.

  • Part One is about working with energy and intuition, understanding the ‘how’ of these ideas, and studying the concept of manifestation. 
  • Part Two presents the four major phases of the moon, along with questions that, as a reader, made lunar energy very clear to me. 
  • Part Three consists of 28 spells, organized by intention and need.

The book provides meditations, rituals, exercises and journaling prompts to aid in harnessing the moon’s energy, and help readers understand that our life path is just like the moon; we flow in rhythm. Knowing that less-than-happy phases are normal and reoccurring should be reason enough to enjoy the good times when they present themselves. Not with fear for their departure, but with the knowledge that we are allowed to be happy in the moment instead of worrying about the future, for undoubtedly, happiness won’t be as precious without the moments of pain.

We will not get stuck in one phase unless we really want to, and with the help of Lunar Alchemy, we can learn to move between them, accepting each for what they are: phases. We must connect with the moon to fully harvest her magic, doing so by turning our focus to our own movements and behaviours, instead of just the moon’s. By knowing ourselves better, it becomes easier to understand where we are resisting – usually in the area of “receiving,” for it’s one thing to make a wish, but another completely to be ready to accept it.

Miro begins laying the framework for magic with the Waning moon, suggesting that readers keep a journal and utilise an oracle deck, then guiding you through a series of topics for each of the four major phases. Throughout the other three phases, you’ll find a theme for the lunar phase, journaling questions, a series of meditations (that can be recorded on your mobile phones for easier usage), oracle card exercises, and plenty more helpful guidance.

Leave fear, doubt, worry, and judgement at the door. Get ready for your adventure playing in the moonlight. Let yourself be curious.

Lunar Alchemy

This book begs for stillness and slow reading, along with regular practice, suggesting a weekly practice to observe our growth, and to tidy up our internal work space, much like we do with our altars and sacred spaces; gathering supplies, setting goals and diving into deeper work.

On a personal note, I received this book on a New Moon, so I read the corresponding chapter along with the rest of the book, which was a blessing after the chaotic energies that had been experienced by the collective. The more I read and worked through the questions, the more obvious it became that we had all been experiencing lunar energies at their fullest. This seemed to become a focal point for me – this book on lunar energies that read like shadow work – and I hadn’t even reached the spells chapter. The spells  ranged from Nourishing Yourself to Protecting Your Home, and included a beautiful spell for when you need an Infusion of Love and Light.

This book is an absolute gem of highlighted words, and you’ll surely find yourself looking at the moon with even more adoration after reading it.

Above everything else, Lunar Alchemy asks one thing of you: Live your magic.

Something to Learn…

How to attune to our rhythm which is deeply connected to the moon, with the help of several exercises, meditations and heavy journaling work. This work helps us see that by keeping track of the lunar energies, we are better equipped to understand the ebb and flow of our own moods. Instead of feeling the need to ask the question “What is wrong with me?,” when cycles repeat, when we see the pattern, it becomes clear that life works for us if we are willing to break old habits.

Something to Make…

A moon journal. The book itself works as a journal, with a vast selection of questions to choose from that will keep you engaged in shadow work and growth. Paired with the spells, it is a complete work of healing art. Download an app to keep track of the lunar phases, get (or make) yourself an oracle deck, stare at the moon as often as possible, and invite the lunar energy into your life.

About Miss Snow: Miss Snow is a Folk Witch who loves studying the old ways and is currently living on the sunniest side of Europe. She uses the elements of the earth in her magic, working with the moon, flowers, herbs and her trustworthy tarot deck to light the way. Her background as a handwork educator means there’s always something being born from her hands. You can follow the adventures on Instagram at @thewildmoongarden where she often writes about plants, books, sewing petticoats and aprons, and her obsession for not wearing shoes.

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