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All the planets in our solar system are moving forward right now. This gives us a boost to gain direction in our lives. But with covid 19 continuing to be an ongoing drama in our lives, let’s see what the tarot says. I am using humourous The Ship Of Fools tarot, by Sebastian Brandt, which will hopefully sail us through this week.

Take a deep breath in. As you release, focus on the cards and pick the one you are first drawn to.

And without further ado…


Card Number 1: Nine of Staves
You are feeling strong and ready to set your boundaries. Don’t be knocked off track or get distracted this week, you are so close to completing your goals so it is worth putting in the extra effort to finish the job. For those who can’t carry on as normal, you might feel disheartened and want to push people away in a misguided attempt to regain control. Instead, focus on a slow and steady pace as you head for the finish line.

Card Number 2: Six of Coins
You will have extra resources available to you this week, giving you a generous and jovial attitude towards spending. You have plenty of opportunities to pay that forward, this could be spending money or offering your generosity. The real question here is how much is it worth? You can easily overspend this week. Don’t gamble on anything you are uncertain about.

Card Number 3: Six of Staves
Finally, you are being noticed. There is a buzz around you this week. Your actions and words have power and will be noticed. Be sure to make them count. Be clear about what you want to get noticed for. This is not a week to play the fool or play games. Work with your strengths
and show up as the best person you can be.

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