Tarot Reading with Hex Tarot

As 2020 leaves us I wanted to focus on the power of the cosmic Gia. The Mother of us all, feel her wisdom guide us to a fruitful and prosperous 2021. For this reading, I am using the Cosmic Woman Tarot by Lisa Jumius.

Take a deep breath in. As you release, focus on the cards and pick the one you are first drawn to.

And without further ado…


Card One: The Hierophant

It’s time to take spiritual responsibility for life. Write your own spiritual manifesto. You are made of stars, the truth to your existence is literally in your DNA. Marry your own needs by working with your unique spiritual code and take responsibility for the actions you take. You know so much, now it’s the time to apply and practice what you have learned.

Card Two: Three Of Pentacles

You are still learning and absorbing the mysteries of the universe. Your foundations are solid, trying to do everything alone, or keeping knowledge and skills to yourself will only get you so far. It is now time to share what you know with your peers and seek out a mentor to
help you grow. Connection with others will affect grounding and practical changes in your life.

Card Three: Death

You are guided by a deep sense of duty. Working within our own self imposed limitations may have worked for you in the past, but you have now outgrown this structure. Like a caterpillar, you have come to the limits of all you can be in this format, now it is time to reinvent who you are with a new set of rules. Ones that allow you greater freedom and more self-belief than you ever thought possible.

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Hex Tarot is a professional tarot, palm reader, and witch. She teaches esoteric workshops on these subjects and writes regularly for occult publications. To learn more about her or for readings or course inquires head over to her website or Instagram.

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