2021: The Year of the Witch Community

What a ride 2020 has been!

Though there have been enormous challenges and stress around the globe, the exponential growth of the witchcraft community is surely something positive that we can all take from this year.

We have been honoured to hold space for a corner of that community over the last 12 months.

Witch With Me was born from the idea that the voice, life, and workings of the average Witch were extremely powerful and deserved their own platform. That there is strength in numbers and that being a part of something bigger makes it easier to be true to yourself. As it turned out, you liked this idea too. You supported this mission in ways we never dreamed possible. The growth of this community is evidence that witches want to learn from each other, celebrate different paths, connect, and build each other up. That there is room for everyone and together we are a force to be reckoned with. 

We thank you so deeply for your support in shining a light on the community and lifting each other up. This was just year one. We spent 2020, the year of the builder, creating this community together, cornerstone by cornerstone. Now it is time for us all to grow wings and fly.

We’re taking a much-needed break for now but here are just a few things you can expect to see in 2021 from Witch With Me:

New ways to support small witchy businesses and the witch economy!

We will be offering more affordable advertising opportunities, collaboration opportunities, and marketing courses to enhance your witchy shoppe. Our thriving Coven Market platform is just the tip of our witchy commerce goals for this community.

A complete revamp of The Academy

This one we are beyond excited about. There is going to be TONS of free content and resources. There will be an amazing community connectivity function and space to view all sorts of live witchcraft content. We need to stop typing now before we spill all the magick beans. SO EXCITED!

More video content. A lot more.

We have noticed you guys love short video clips. So do we! We are currently creating a lineup of IGTV talent to bring you short clips of magickal info, just like Michael Herkes ‘The Glam Witch’ has been doing for us these past few weeks. 

More Ritual Guides and free Coven-Minis

We see you loving these too! Many more to come!

Witch With Me Census 2021

How did we grow from last year? How can we include more voices?

What would you like to see in the Witch With Me community this year?

New year blessings and best wishes to you all,

Meg & Lou

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