Tarot Reading with Angie

This week, our Tarot reading comes from blog editor Angie Knight-Reiter. You can find her on Instagram or at her website, where she’s currently offering a Tarot for the Year Ahead special for Witch With Me community members. First come, first served: Only 13 slots available at 50% off! (Normally $47, now $23.50.) Reading includes seven cards for your year ahead: An outlook for what’s coming, along with guidance from the four elements to both navigate the challenges and sweeten the beauty of the upcoming year. Purchase before Dec. 24, 2020, for delivery by Jan. 1, 2021. Discount code: WWMT4YA.

Your Card for the Week

I’m using the Modern Witch Tarot for this week’s pick-a-card reading.

Close your eyes. Settle into your body and take a few deep breaths. When you open your eyes, which card is calling to you?

Card One: Four of Pentacles

The Four of Pentacles asks you to think about your resources. In what ways are you approaching your resources? Do you tend toward a scarcity mindset or an abundance mindset? When we approach life with a scarcity mindset, we believe that there is a limited amount of resources for everyone (whether money, food, housing, or whatever else). That mindset tends to keep us narrowly focused on keeping or hoarding the few resources we do have. We feel scared. We only see what’s missing. An abundance mindset means we believe that there are enough resources for everyone. When we have that outlook, we tend to attract more abundance. It’s a little counterintuitive, but when you give away your resources, the universe often provides you with even more.

Card Two: Page of Wands

It’s go time! Whatever project has been in your back pocket or tickling the edges of your mind, it is time to begin planning. Talk about it with folks; you never know who might have some interesting thoughts or ideas to add. Pull out your planner or your digital organizing tools, and have fun mapping out how you want to accomplish this awesome feat. While you may not be quite ready to actually DO the thing, it is definitely time to begin thinking about HOW to do the thing.

Card Three: Four of Cups

Pouting about what the universe has provided, are you? This card is like: “I asked the universe for a freakin’ BLUE cup. How HARD is it to provide a BLUE cup?! I even did the spellwork with incredible specificity, but I didn’t get what I asked for!” When in reality, you have received exactly what you needed: A cup. Don’t cut off your nose to spite your face. Do what you can with what the universe has provided. It’s like the abundance mindset I talked about in Card One: When you believe you can, you DO!

About the Author: In addition to being Witch With Me’s blog editor, Angie Knight-Reiter (they/them) is also a queer soul coach, Tarot reader and metaphysical educator. As a psychic witch, they are well-known for bringing hard-hitting truth bombs to their students and clients while cheerleading them on to their best. With an emphasis on honest assessment, radical compassion and unconditional support, along with a hefty dose of  pragmatism, they help clients understand their story and how to change it, so clients can live their most authentic, empowered lives. Book your session at angieKR.com.

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