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To kick off the winter festivities for Yule, I decided to focus on what we can leave behind in the cold of the Earth this season, as a taster tarot reading of my Yuletide Tarot Reading, while using The Wildwood Tarot by Mark Ryan and John Matthews. I adore this deck for its deeply pagan, Earthy artwork and its ties with Celtic Paganism that seem to embrace the reader in winter solstice magic. 

Close your eyes and ask what you should leave behind. Take a deep breath. Open your eyes and choose the card that you are drawn to the most.

And without further ado…


Card Number One: Four of Arrows | Rest

The universe is encouraging you to leave the stress of the year in 2020 while taking time to rest and recharge. Allow time for you imagination to journey into the otherworld and rejuvenate your energy so that you can step into the new cycle free of limiting beliefs, restrictions, and shadows. Focus on self-care rituals, art, creativity, meditation, and following the joy. 

Card Number Two: Three of Vessels | Joy

Leave behind fear and grief and give yourself permission to be completely fulfilled so that you are able to experience joy again and celebrate with those you love. Be joyful and celebrate life fully in gratitude for the amazing gifts you share. It has been a rough year but that doesn’t mean you should expect disappointment to continue. It is time to shift your mindset to a place of joy so that you can invite that joy into your life. Where you look is what you’ll see. Where are you looking?

Card Number Three: Two of Bows | Decision

Leave behind stagnancy and any purposeful inaction you have been struggling with. Now is the time to resolve decisions and the gateway of possibilities stands before you when you make the conscious effort to take positive action towards your goals and manifestations. Go with the flow. Lean into momentum. Lay fears to rest. Now is the time to go for it! 

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Kendra is an eclectic witch, tarot reader, writer, Mom, activist, crafter, artist, and creator of The Dark Luminology Tarot and the Tarot-ble Times. She currently lives in Cambridge, England, a pit stop before heading home to Colorado. She can often be found collecting shells at the seaside or pine cones and stones in the forest.

Her spiritual studies and practices range from traditional witchcraft and paganism to new age metaphysics. She has been a practicing witch since she was a child, greatly influenced by her Native American and Scottish Celtic ancestry.

Within tarot she uses her clairsentience to emotionally connect with her clients and she focuses on shadow work or releasing trauma and negativity to clear the way for manifestation, growth, and abundance.

Her tarot deck, The Dark Luminology Tarot, is set to be released in 2021 and can be found where light and dark kiss.

Kendra is a Pisces sun, Cancer moon and Aries rising.

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