How I Became a Spirit Medium, And What Happens After We Die?

By Kathy Crabbe | Website

I’m a spirit medium, which means I connect with those who’ve passed over and with past lives. This is something I’ve done professionally since 2008. How did this come about?  I was approaching a big transition time known astrologically as Uranus Opposition and also as Mid-Life Transition which happens for all of us around the age of forty. Basically my energy amped up and then the unexpected happened: I was pulled towards sharing my gifts with others on a professional level because I HAD to! I had to give back and to be of service.  I’d been working metaphysically and empathically since I was a child with fairies, nature spirits, sacred pools, and dreams, and I grew up with astrology, goddesses, paganism, crystals and oracles to name a few. I felt a resonance with all things magickal, and it warmed my heart and soul in a tingly, energizing, knowing way. I just KNEW that this was my milieu, these were my peeps and these tools were my friends. 

Becoming A Medium

After turning forty I found a teacher straight from England who was leading an English Traditional Healing Circle in Wildomar, California, and this is where I got to practice giving psychic readings and discovered mediumship, which is communicating with those who have passed over. This is different from a psychic reading or a tarot reading in that the connection is immediately apparent and I either have the right ancestor or I don’t.  Sometimes a different ancestor will appear than the one I expected. I do request the first name of the ancestor beforehand and most times I’m able to connect with them but sometimes they are reluctant, perhaps as they were in life and sometimes we are just not meant to connect with that ancestor at the current time. 

The facilitator of this group didn’t go into too much detail beforehand about how to make that mediumship connection. He simply said that we were to stand in the middle of our healing circle and do our best to connect with the otherworld and the ancestors. He did tell all participants not to give out any information to the medium other than ‘yes’ or ‘no’. He also said that as a medium we were to share three exact, without-a-doubt details about the person on the other side and to have this confirmed by the participant. Then to pass on a very specific message that was in no way amorphous or ambiguous.  

So, I stood up and boom, I was connecting right away with the otherworld. I found myself sharing all kinds of information that mostly came through to me as visuals, such as the look of the person, their environment, household, clothing, time period, family members and how the person died.  When I sense how someone died, that feels different.  For example, I can physically  sense in my body what they were feeling. If they had throat cancer I’d feel my throat being in pain, and I will go further into the problem to see what that means. I have learned over the years to trust my first impressions, and if I get the message that it was cancer, I will say that. I’ve had to learn how to trust.  And, as many of my clients have told me, that is the hardest thing of all to do. But trust I do, in the beauty and divinity of the Gods. Trusting that I am here to serve and if this is my way of serving it is good, it is healing and it helps all of us become who we are meant to be; healthy, whole and holy. 

What Happens After We Die?

I was planning to have a conversation with my dear mom in this article about her big question, “What happens after we die?” but I want to leave that a mystery, as it should be. My guides confirmed this.  I really don’t know what happens; no one does.  I simply trust in the messages I receive from those who have passed over and I trust that their soul IS still alive, just transformed and in another dimension. 

About the Author: Kathy Crabbe offers soul readings, past life, spirit guide and ancestor readings plus astrology reports.  Kathy works with five hand painted, self published oracle decks & she paints kitty portraits too. Chakra Cleansing, Prayers, all things witchy, magickal, creative & inspirational are her tools. Deep insight & healing to help you move forward Healthy, Whole and Holy. Kathy teaches a Moon Class at Wise Woman School and she writes and willustrates for Witches & Pagans and SageWoman Magazine. In business since 1993 she is an initiate of the Celtic Faerie Shaman Tradition. Order a Past Life Reading here or an Ancestor/Spirit Guide Reading here. Find Kathy online at, on Instagram @kathycrabbeart and on YouTube as KathyCrabbe – BLESSED BEE! 

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