Book Review: The Healing Power of Witchcraft by Meg Rosenbriar

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About the Author

Meg Rosenbriar is a practicing hedgewitch with a focus on healing energy work, herbalism, tarot, yoga, numerology, and embracing an intentional, witchy lifestyle. She has been a student of spirituality her whole life with a degree in Religious Studies from Merrimack College and a Master of Arts from Yale University School of Divinity. She is the co-founder of Witch With Me, a community platform by witches for witches dedicated to discovering, honouring, preserving, and sharing authentic witchcraft. Meg resides with her husband and two sons on the Connecticut shoreline. 

About The Healing Power of Witchcraft: A New Witch’s Guide to Spells and Rituals to Renew Yourself and Your World

As a member of the author’s Witch With Me community, I was excited to review this book, and honoured to be able to step into her magickal world. As the title suggests, this book explores the healing power of witchcraft and how it can be used to improve and enhance the lives of yourself and the people around you. In the introduction, Rosenbriar explains that although she has religious and esoteric qualifications, the true path to magick and manifestation begins at the altar; immediately encouraging the reader, and putting them at ease, and making one truly believe that the healing power of witchcraft is within us all. Rosenbriar explains what to expect from the book, which was more like a list of all the things I loved about it. 

Part One is packed full of comprehensive information; and as such, it provides a useful framework for the new practitioner setting out on her or his path. It includes helpful explanations, magical correspondences, and practical suggestions for sourcing and obtaining the things a new witch needs. It covers states of mind, setting powerful intentions, and gives helpful definitions. It demystifies subjects such as clearing up after a spell. In fact, it has everything a witch, new or old, needs to hone and hold their intentions; lots of information being packed into a relatively small space, which is both useful and impressive. 

After such a considered and thoughtful start, Part One equips the new witch with all the tools, skills, and information they need to enjoy the rest of the book, which is purely spellwork. Parts two, three and four take the reader through a myriad of uplifting spells and rituals to heal the body, mind, spirit, communities, groups, and consequently, the World. 

The Book’s Strengths

The author immediately sets the stage for healing work with the notion, from the start, that the witch knows exactly what she or he is doing, and that all witches have the ability to heal. Despite things being explained in a concise and factual way, I felt as if the author was sitting beside me on a warm and comfy sofa, gently explaining and encouraging me as I read, and this was one of the things I loved most about this book. The supportive tone combined with the huge amount of information provided, is a great tool for new witches starting out on a healing witchcraft journey. Those that are curious but anxious will be comforted, and those who feel that their path is too newly trodden to make a difference will be reassured. 

Wisely taking into consideration the busy pace of life, and how easy it is to get bogged down when you first find witchcraft, the author provides information for only ten herbs, spices, crystals and essential oils; compiling them into manageable, bite-sized chunks. She also, rather honestly, explains that there are only really seven items a witch needs, but still provides information on a range of other tools. As a new witch it is easy to be intimidated, but the author makes the first steps into the world of witchcraft simple and pleasurable. Through her words and actions, the author educates and excites, but never overwhelms. 

“If we are to feel deeply, connect broadly, and restore wholly, then a joyful approach to living, despite the odds, is a truly magickal thing indeed.” 

– The Healing Power of Witchcraft: A New Witch’s Guide to Spells and Rituals to Renew Yourself and Your World.

There is something for everyone in this book; direction and guidance for newer practitioners, and a vast array of spells which will appeal to more seasoned witches. The workings provided are created from simple items, making this book truly accessible to all. There is so much information and such a diverse variety of spells that after reading this book anyone has the tools to create their own spells, and this book with its beautiful incantations proves that magick doesn’t have to be long, laborious, or complicated. 

What You Can Learn…

If you are interested in magick for health and wellbeing, or just curious about witchcraft, this is the perfect place to start. It’s directional, but not confusing, heavy, or intimidating. It allays fears, and enthuses. It gives you all the tools to craft an individual practice for yourself, and I wish I’d had this book 26 years ago when I started out on my own path. 

Aimed at helping you grow personally, and as a witch, this joyful book has one main message: all witches can heal. Empowering, gentle, beautiful, insightful, calming, and considered, this is a great book for young people, especially, with spells focusing on healing body positivity and good mental health. It’s apparent in the author’s work that she has a huge passion for healing, she’s keen for you and I to join her in creating a ripple effect of healing that will benefit the World. Let’s go. 

The Healing Power of Witchcraft: A New Witch’s Guide to Spells and Rituals to Renew Yourself and your World may be purchased here.

About Wren La Fey: Wren is a Traditional Witch from the South of England, living in a cemetery, and enjoying the beautiful arable landscape around her as a source of inspiration. A lifelong student of the Craft, she is a forager, hobby herbalist, fire spinner, tarot reader, and qualified Holistic Therapist. She has modelled for pagan-based artists such as Chris Down and Neil Geddes-Ward, appearing in seven paintings, a tarot deck, and on the front cover of Chris Down’s book “Otherworld: The Collected Works of Chris Down”. Wren is fascinated by the magic of colour and can be found on Instagram and Facebook

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