Five Tips for Understanding the Pentacles in Tarot

By Angie Knight-Reiter, Witch With Me Blog Editor | Facebook | Instagram

November is New Witch Month here at Witch With Me, and this week (Nov. 8-15, 2020) is focusing on “Working with the Earth.”

Working With the Pentacles

The suit of Pentacles in the Tarot is ALL ABOUT the EARTH element. Body, career, finances, hearth and home — stability — slow and steady. A great way to get to understand this energy is to work both with your BODY as you interpret the cards and then to work directly with the suit itself. View the slideshow below for 5 ways to explore the energy in the suit of Pentacles.

As I always tell my students, YOU are the expert on your own intuition and interpretation of symbols.

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About the Author: In addition to being Witch With Me’s blog editor, Angie Knight-Reiter (she/her) is also a queer soul coach, Tarot reader and metaphysical educator. As a psychic witch, she is well-known for bringing hard-hitting truth bombs to her students and clients while cheerleading them on to their best. With an emphasis on honest assessment, radical compassion and unconditional support, along with a hefty dose of  pragmatism, she helps clients understand their story and how to change it, so they can live their most authentic, empowered lives. Book your session at

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