Featured Shoppe: The Magick Makers

We are delighted to be featuring some of the very best witchy shops, businesses, artists, boss witches, and service providers on social media!

For the next few weeks, we are going to be shining a spotlight on the shops that have virtual stalls on the Coven Marketplace for Gather the Witches Festival. If you would like to book a stall, click here.

Today we are finding out all about the amazing The Magick Makers!

Name of shop?

The Magick Makers

Where are you based?

Durham, NC, United States

What does your shop sell?

Enchanted goods and seasonal provisions for your magickal life. Spiritual bath soaks, sustainable botanicals, channeled tarot readings, dream steams, spell kits, ritual oils, and more. My offerings are curated and crafted with intention to help you bring your magick home. 
What inspired you to start your shop: The idea for The Magick Makers was born from an urge to support and empower fellow witches and craft-curious folks who are finding and creating magick in this wild world of ours. It’s only been the last few years that I’ve been open about my witchcraft, so I wanted to create a space that was safe and nurturing for those who want to explore that side of themselves regardless of where they are on their magickal journey. 

Your favourite product and why?

This is like picking a favorite child! I love a good spiritual soak, so my baths are my favorite. More specifically I love the Sisters of the Tides, because it allows me to connect with the ocean even when we’re miles and miles apart.

Any advice for new shop owners?

Go for it! I’ve learned so much along the way, so there’s a lot you can figure out as you go. Don’t worry about what other people are doing and focus on what you’re creating and offering. We all have our own special touch and style to share with the world. There’s room for all of us.

The Magick Makers can be found on their websiteInstagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

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