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Blessings and welcome to your weekly Witch With Me tarot reading! I hope it finds you well!

This week I am using Bianco Nero Tarot by Marco Proietto. I love the black and white theme of this deck and the traditional tarot vibes this deck gives off. 

For the First week of October, the WitchWithMe Challange focuses on ancestral connections and the thinning veil so I have asked what guidance our ancestors can offer us. 

And without further ado…


Card Number One: Three of Cups (Shadow)

While it is important to connect with our family, friends, and colleagues; it is equally important that we utilize the time we have to be in an independent state. This card and its message encourages you to be independent right now you to evaluate who you are giving your energy to because your energy might be better spent elsewhere. 

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Card Number Two: The Star

The ancestral message for you today is to keep faith and have hope because your ancestors can see the bright, beautiful, and abundant future that is ahead of you. So if you have been feeling pessimistic lately, switch your focus because your destiny has already been written in the stars. 

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Card Number Three: Judgement (Shadow)

It is hard to admit that we may have been wrong or that we may have made a mistake but it takes someone strong and spiritually aware to admit that maybe they haven’t judged a situation properly. Take stock of the situations in your life right now — perhaps you have judged someone unfairly or perhaps you are placing too much judgement on yourself. Wherever the judgement lies, lovingly release it. 

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If you would like a more in-depth tarot reading, please visit Kendra’s website to find out more.

Kendra is an eclectic witch, tarot reader, writer, Mom, activist, crafter, artist, and creator of The Dark Luminology Tarot and the Tarot-ble Times. She currently lives in Cambridge, England, a pit stop before heading home to Colorado. She can often be found collecting shells at the seaside or pine cones and stones in the forest.

Her spiritual studies and practices range from traditional witchcraft and paganism to new age metaphysics. She has been a practicing witch since she was a child, greatly influenced by her Native American and Scottish Celtic ancestry.

Within tarot she uses her clairsentience to emotionally connect with her clients and she focuses on shadow work or releasing trauma and negativity to clear the way for manifestation, growth, and abundance.

Her tarot deck, The Dark Luminology Tarot, is set to be released in 2021 and can be found where light and dark kiss.

Kendra is a Pisces sun, Cancer moon and Aries rising.

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