Featured Shoppe: The Witch’s Diary Shop

We are delighted to be featuring some of the very best witchy shops, businesses, artists, boss witches, and service providers on social media!

For the next few weeks, we are going to be shining a spotlight on the shops that have virtual stalls on the Coven Marketplace for Gather the Witches Festival. If you would like to book a stall, click here.

First up is a huge community favourite – The Witch’s Diary Shop.

Credit: The Witch’s Diary Shop

Name of shop: The Witch’s Diary Shop

Where are you based? France

What does your shop sell?

I sell travel altars, starter kits, intention candles, smudge sticks and sprays, ritual incense, oils and powders, ritual kits and mojo bags, altar tools, crystals, and jewelry. I also offer custom spells manuals and tarot readings.
Most of my creations are handmade and many of my herbs and plants are homegrown or/ and hand foraged.

What inspired you to start your shop?

I started my shop to keep myself busy and mentally sane to be honest…I’ve always been fond of DIY, I can build tables, shelves, I can sculpt and I’m a huge fan of upcycling, I always think of making it before buying it!
When people started asking if the creations I was posting on Instagram were for sale, It felt extremely gratifying and gave me the goal I was missing!

Photo credit: The Witch’s Diary

Where do you hope to take your shop?

I’d love to open a kind of cabinet of curiosities related to witchcraft, with seasonal events like vintage Halloween sales. A dusty, dark place where people would come to ask for a spell, some peculiar crystals, or just out of curiosity. I’d gladly be the creepy witch hag behind it!

Do you have any advice for new shop owners?

Make what you’d like to buy and don’t think the average will be satisfying! In a world where appearances very often prevail over talent, build yourself a hardcore customer family! Once they trust you, you will be able to count on them to spread the word and help you grow!

The Witch’s Diary Shop can be found on Instagram as @key_delombre.

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