Full Harvest Moon Ritual with Stefania Baker

The Harvest moon conjures many spooky, leaf-covered, pumpkin-spice-scented fall scenes for good reason. 

This year, the Harvest Moon is in the sign of Aries on October 1st, because this is the full moon closest to the autumnal equinox (Mabon for Wiccans).  In times before electricity, the full moons during this time of year illuminated fields which meant that farmers could harvest into the evening, and farmers’ wives could preserve the harvest for winter eating.  Many Italians mark the final tomato harvest with the Harvest Moon specifically, as tomatoes may come in later in less temperate climates.  This is a time of furious action in the Italian kitchen.  All generations of family come together to can countless jars of tomatoes to be enjoyed during the upcoming winter months. After the tomato harvest is finished, seeds for the fall garden are planted under the following new moon (this year October 16th). Kale, Brussels sprouts, and cabbage are sewn, along with garlic, onions, and potatoes to prepare for late fall and winter gardens and spring harvest time.  

The Planet Mars will be visible next to the full moon on October 1st.  Mars, is the planet of Aries, making this Harvest Moon about follow-through and strong protection for those who can not defend themselves, or who are under attack.  This is the moon to do spells for people of color, social justice, women’s rights, GLBT+ rights – any disenfranchised group needing protection and advocacy.  Use this moon to stir change where needed, and to help advance toward goals and success.  This is the moon of fire and movement.

Now is the time to look back to see what has been accomplished, or harvested – after the summer months; be ready to enjoy the fruits of your labor, both physically and spiritually.  Use my spell below to begin any working you do for this full moon.  Or, use this ritual in its entirety to honor the harvest, and honor your journey to get to this Harvest Moon. 

The Ritual 

Gather the following items as available locally: 

  • Leaves, acorns, wheat or barley, apples, or pumpkins.  
    • Use all of these items, or only those that call to be used.

Candle Colors:

  • Red, orange, yellow, or brown

Herbs and florals:

  • Wheat, Rue, ivy, rosemary
  • sunflower, marigold


  • Arrange materials on an altar, or outside. Use gathered items and herbs to form a circle on the work surface.  Place the chosen candle in the center of the arranged herbs and flowers.  Hold the candle to infuse it with personal energy, and the desired outcome (action, thanks, movement, you decide) of the ritual.  Strike a match to light the candle and say the following incantation as the flame is put to the wick:
    • “All that I’ve sewn during the summer months, relationships, work commitments, garden flowers, vegetables, and more, are now mine to harvest and enjoy.  The fruits of my labor these last months will sustain me during the dark seasons. The harvest I reap will bring joy at the memory it evokes when consumed.  As the dark gods come to rule the season of fall and winter, I prepare for All Hallows’ Eventide.  I ask for [Write any specific intention here] This is the time to peer across the veil and speak into the ether to hear its dreamy response.  The season of the witch is upon me, I own my power and exercise it now.  And so it is, and it shall be.”

Happy Harvest Moon, Witches!

About the Author:

Stefanina Baker is an Italian witch and psychic practicing a blend of Italian folk magic, and other traditions and practices from her family bloodlines.  Considering herself an eclectic folk magic witch, she has a special affinity for green witchery, kitchen witchery, and fire witchery. Her work and practice have deep familial (specifically Napolitano Italian) influences from Catholic mysticism, as well as profound Greek and Roman pantheon connections. She is an expert in many divination techniques including tarot, tea leaves, wax, fire, and water scrying. She runs her own website, http://www.readingsandrituals.com, and she has an Etsy store specializing in witchy wares, like apothecary items, herbs, curios, spellwork, readings, and candles. Her specialty is monthly group moon rituals, where she shares her magic with other like-minded magical people.  She lives in Delaware with her husband and two dogs.  Find her on Instagram as @readingsandrituals to learn more.

Email: readingsandrituals@gmail.com

Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/ReadingsandRituals 

Website: www.readingsandrituals.com 

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