Libra Season 2020 with Fairlie Theta

Libra Season begins September 22. Photo courtesy of Canva Pro.

There’s a reason mythology is evergreen. Myths are deeply nuanced, capable of adding understanding to events across vast swaths of time. Astrology takes these stories and applies them to our lives using timeless metaphors for seemingly modern problems. And this month’s astrology reads like a story straight from Ovid himself: new gods waiting in the shadows to topple the old, and a vision of the future birthed through compassionate action. 

Libra: The Scales of Justice

Libra represents an astrological milestone, the point in our journey where we meet energies that are not our own and integrate them into our lives. As the 7th House Ruler and dominion of Venus, it’s easy to see Libra through the rose-coloured glasses of romance and beauty, a season to view the world through the starry eyes of someone in love. But Libra is an air sign whose idealism is rooted in actual ideas. At the end of the day, it is the sign of the Scales: at its heart, Libra is shrewd judgement. 

If you’re familiar with tarot, you’ll know that Libra’s Major Arcana archetype is Justice. In the Smith-Waite deck Justice is depicted as a woman enthroned, a scale in her left hand, a sword in her right. Both tools are ready, the scale clear and balanced, the sword held high–and this is exactly what we can expect of Libra Season this year: the beauty of balance through truth and intellect. 

Justice. Image from Canva Pro.

The Sun arrives in Libra on September 22nd, territory already occupied by Mercury, the Messenger, as it tip-toes into its retrograde shadow. Libra may be the sign of Harmony, but the Sun’s new home feels anything but peaceful. We’re thrown head first into the theme of the season: there is something to be said, and the silence hangs thick in the air. As Mercury continues its march into Scorpio, it sets its sights on the Capricorn Cabal–Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto– and we can be sure that something unspoken is about to come to the surface. Over the last few months, Jupiter and Pluto have thrown their weight as Cosmic Kings, revealing ties that bind us to materiality, blind consumerism, and scarcity mindset. Their transit through Capricorn has placed them firmly under Saturn’s cold and restrictive thumb. In myth, Saturn was once the Supreme King: the God of All Cycles, the Wealth of the Harvest, the Fertility of the Earth. Saturn was a father to civilization, equipping nations with tools for success through agriculture and government. But all things have higher and lower expression: Saturn is also the Devouring Father, the consummate authoritarian who would rather destroy his own progeny than see himself dethroned. And as we come to the end of the Capricorn cycle, this is the place in which we find ourselves–deep in the dark, sour digestive pit of Saturn, waiting for rebirth.

Mercury is not alone in its quest for liberation: Mars, still retrograde in his own sign of War and Independence, has Saturn locked in his crosshairs. And Mars leads an interesting army, rallying Eris, Lilith, and Chiron behind him: the Divine Feminine is ready for battle. And with Venus, the Ruler of the Season, still in harmonious aspect with this Cosmic Army, we see Lady Justice, sword raised, leading the charge. 

By the time Saturn stations direct on September 29th, it’s clear he’s received the message: it’s time to answer for the past. 

Full Moon in Aries

The Full Moon on October 1st lands the Moon directly on the battlefield. The Moon rules our emotions, our most personal receptive core, but it also rules the population, compounding the general feeling of rebellion and unrest in the air. Full Moons have a long and storied association with madness, releasing us from the chains of civility and showing us our inner animal nature–but Libra Season is one of Social Contract, and it’s important that we use this moon to examine our relationship to society at large. With its conjunction to Chiron, this is a moon of healing, an opportunity to make peace with the people we have become through our connection to others. Even the least pleasant relationships can nurture profound growth and personal understanding: this acceptance and forgiveness–for ourselves and others–is the Divine Feminine’s greatest strength, and ultimately, its deadliest weapon. 

This is the clarity we need to move forward this season: understanding of the boundaries between ourselves and others, knowledge of the strength we receive, and forgiveness for the wounds we bear. 

Venus enters Virgo

And the Divine Feminine grows even stronger as Venus moves into Virgo on October 2nd. In traditional astrology, Virgo is considered the sign of Venus’ fall: Mercury’s personal brand of logic and realism could be a tight fit for the Queen of Love and Beauty, but this is Justice Season and Venus has accepted her role. At the time of Venus’ ingress the Full Moon energy is still strong, and the fires of Aries bring echoes of the Vestal hearth. In addition to her association with relationships and romance, Venus also rules value–not just material value and creature comforts but all the things that bring importance and purpose to our lives. This is of particular importance during Libra Season where our attention is pulled outside of ourselves. As Justice readies her scales, Venus stokes the fires of purpose and burns away all that would challenge our devotion to what truly matters. 

Between Pluto’s station direct and Mercury’s station retrograde, we witness this influence as it begins to permeate other facets of the cosmos. The unspoken secrets of the season’s arrival are smoked out and as Mercury crosses paths with Uranus, we see where destruction gives way to possibility. This Mercury transit is the final retrograde of the year and as it makes its way through Scorpio back into Libra, we find a renewal of purpose and identity: Scorpio has strong associations with the Phoenix and this is exactly the kind of rebirth we can expect if we lean into this season’s transits.

New Moon in Libra

But birth is an arduous process. It takes an immense amount of effort and strength, and all the passion and devotion we can muster. It’s a task best undertaken with a balance of both Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies, especially as we’ve been gestating in Saturn’s shadow. The New Moon on October 16th affords us just this balance, preparing us for the collective experience: with the Sun and Moon aligned opposite Mars, we see where our values have been compromised by our actions and we have an opportunity to reavow ourselves to compassionate action and find the cooperative momentum necessary to break free. Over the days following this lunation, Jupiter, the King of Expansion, moves into a curious arrangement with Venus and Mars–Venus, still acting as Justice Enthroned, moves into a strong, receptive trine while Mars squares off with Jupiter’s shadow, giving us the chance to take back our focus and see what we’ve spent the better part of the last year chasing. Here, the Sword of Justice cuts through the illusions that kept us from seeing the deep intrinsic value of experience that we cultivate and allows us to break free of patterns of scarcity and fear. We are cut from Saturn’s belly and allowed to reclaim our divinity. Libra is a sign of connectivity, reminding us of the importance of others to our journey: this is what brings richness and depth to our experience. It’s no surprise then that Libra Season also marks the completion of Lilith’s transit through Aries, the sign of Self. With a stronger understanding of the boundaries between us, the Divine Feminine is able to cast off her armor and stretch into luxurious, fertile Taurus. This is the birthing ground for the future, the setting necessary for the coming season. It is here that Justice lowers her sword, certain for the time that the equilibrium is restored and ready to allow the next story to unfold. 

About the Author: Fairlie Theta is a Space Witch and Cosmic Divinatrix. Her magical journey began once her grandmother gave her a tarot deck at the age of seven. Since then, she’s mentored under a popular Parisian astrologer, studied countless books on tarot, astrology and magic, and given hundreds of readings to people in need of clarity and hope. Her life is devoted to harnessing tarot and astrology to help others unlock their unique strengths and embolden their ideal selves. In addition to her professional consultation services, Fairlie creates ritual tools and talismans, holds daily readings live on Instagramcreates content on Youtube, and hosts a monthly podcast about magic and spirituality.

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