Book Review: The Book of Spells by Jamie Della

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About the Author

Jamie Della is the author of nine books, including The Book of Spells: The Magick of Witchcraft. She has studied magick and spirituality from around the world for more than twenty years. She is a healer, workshop and retreat leader and teacher. Jamie writes Herbal Journeys for Witches & Pagazine Magazine and has been published in SageWoman Magazine, Rebelle Society, Manifest-Station, among others. When not writing, Jamie is either in creative meditation at her potter’s wheel, backpacking the Eastern Sierra or creating hearth magick at her guesthouse in the Aspen trees. You can find her on Instagram @jamiedellawrites.

About The Book of Spells

When I first opened The Book of Spells, I’ll admit, I was simply excited to read about new spells! I find all spells interesting, as I tend to look in detail at the “ingredients,” waiting to find a new herb or crystal to learn more about, or a new take on a corresponding resource.

This book provided far more than what I was expecting, with nearly 80 pages alone on tools for the craft – including chakras, crystals, moon magic, runes, colours and days of the week. 

The spells range from the usual categories such as “Productivity” – including a money spell – and “Protection,” but I was delighted to see a wide range of spells on “Self-Improvement.” Being a believer that witchcraft goes hand-in-hand with personal growth, spells meant to aid you in becoming a better person are something I truly enjoy reading. For example, rather than a spell to increase physical beauty / attraction, you’ll instead find spells with such goals as “be seen as you truly are,” “accept your body,” and “befriend your weakness,” – all very important components in stepping into your power. Without wanting to sound pedant, these could certainly be worthwhile goals, whether providing spell work for ourselves, others, or the collective. As witches, common goals can include bettering ourselves, becoming better attuned to our own energy, and to our body and the world around us.

While some spells call for a multitude of crystals, incenses and a gold ribbon, to be performed six hours after sunrise on a Thursday, you also get a good simple and effective spell that requires nothing more than some drops of lavender oil and a shower.

Ultimately, I came to see this book as something more than a Book of Spells but more of a book of growth. Perhaps this is intended, as its previous edition was called The Teen Spell Book.

Now, that may make you feel it’s a book just for teens (and it certainly is a valuable tool for them) and not for older or more experienced witches, but the truth is, healing our inner child is truly important to achieve an energetic balance. No matter your age, you may find yourself nodding in agreement when reading some spells, realising it’s just what you need. I know I did…and I’m far from my teen years!

It is difficult to be a lone light in a world where most others find it easier to shroud themselves in darkness – but do not give up. You are not alone.  – The Book of Spells

Something to Learn…

There is so much information packed into this book that the amount of things to learn goes far beyond what I could fit here, and it touches topics I think are worthy of further study – including a number of magical traditions. You may be familiar with Celtic, Norse and Egyptian traditions, especially when it comes to mythology, but it also dives into Italian, Dianic and Alexandrian, giving us a glimpse of the many traditions we should – if we don’t already know – at least be aware of.

Something to Make…

I can see this book providing many inspirational entries for a Book of Shadows, taking you on a journey of knowledge. Pick a Goddess from “Spring Equinox Goddesses and Associations,” study and note down your findings, choose an animal totem and write down any dreams or sightings, study herbs, or watch the moon phases, and you’re sure to have plenty of robust entries – drawn both from the book, and your own study. And obviously, you get to “make”  plenty of spells – 52 to be accurate, one for each week of the year! 

The Book of Spells may be purchased here.

About Miss Snow: Miss Snow is a green witch and folk practitioner currently living on the sunniest side of Europe. She uses the elements of the earth in her magic, working with the moon, flowers, herbs and her trustworthy tarot deck to light the way. Her background as a handwork educator means there’s always something being born from her hands. You can follow the adventures on Instagram at @thewildmoongarden where she often writes about plants, books, sewing petticoats and aprons, and her obsession for not wearing shoes.

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