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Blessings and welcome to your weekly Witch With Me tarot reading! I hope it finds you well!

I know we are all getting the Halloween/Samhain bug so I thought for this week I would use the Santa Muerte Tarot to give us all our spooky fix! This deck was written and illustrated by Fabio Listrani and I cannot get over how rich both the colors, imagery, and meanings are. I especially love that each card has its own personality which I can imagine is hard to do with skeletons that don’t really have facial features. I also really love the bits in the book that highlight advice from the dead, which I have included in this week’s reading. Lastly, for those that don’t know Santa Muerte, I encourage all of you to do some light research as her history as Our Lady of Holy Death is rich and absolutely beautiful! I can’t wait for the veil to grow thinner and start using this deck for seance tarot readings!

And without further ado…


Card Number One: The Devil

This card encourages you to put your overall welfare above worldly gratifications and addictions. Maybe you are struggling to kick an unhealthy pattern or vice…whatever it is, you can’t put it off any longer, it must be addressed. If you are in a relationship, this card could suggest that it may be toxic to your spirit and you must assert your love for yourself over your love for that person. Whatever the situation is, there is some unhealthy energy flowing around some aspect of your life in some way. Sometimes the best thing you can do is choose to love yourself more than, and just MORE.

Advice from the dead: “Free yourself from what you think you are tied to and become who you really are, following your instinct and your inner fire, without giving into the flattery and properly evaluating the dangers that surround you.”

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Card Number Two: The World

I like to think of this card as the “Nirvana card”. It’s where you’ve gone through all the worldly crap that us mortals have to deal with; finally learning from lessons and integrating your mortal experience with your spiritual foundations on a soul level. If that’s you, you deserve all of the pampering and rewards that are coming your way. On a more basic level, this card can indicate completions and success, so maybe you will find success with work, love, or family. Either way, this is cause for celebration so get the glasses ready!

Advice from the dead: “Do not give up and do not be afraid. The road you have chosen is the right one and whatever difficulty you find, will be brief. You will achieve the results you desire.”

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Card Number Three: Six of Cups

Something or someone from your past may be coming into presence again or you may be recognizing that you have come full circle and there are aspects of your past currently effecting your present. Or maybe you are finding yourself reminiscing about the past because that piece is missing from your present. Either way, this is a card of nostalgia, so take time to think about how your past is influencing your present. You should also be prepared to reconnect with someone from your past which will bring you happiness.

Advice from the dead: “Carefully analyze the reasons for your current situation and use the energy at your disposal to organize your future rather than letting it shrivel and stagnate.”

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Kendra is an eclectic witch, tarot reader, writer, Mom, activist, crafter, artist, and creator of The Dark Luminology Tarot and the Tarot-ble Times. She currently lives in Cambridge, England, a pit stop before heading home to Colorado. She can often be found collecting shells at the seaside or pine cones and stones in the forest.

Her spiritual studies and practices range from traditional witchcraft and paganism to new age metaphysics. She has been a practicing witch since she was a child, greatly influenced by her Native American and Scottish Celtic ancestry.

Within tarot she uses her clairsentience to emotionally connect with her clients and she focuses on shadow work or releasing trauma and negativity to clear the way for manifestation, growth, and abundance.

Her tarot deck, The Dark Luminology Tarot, is set to be released in 2021 and can be found where light and dark kiss.

Kendra is a Pisces sun, Cancer moon and Aries rising.

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