Full Corn Moon Ritual with Stef Baker

Moon Rituals are a time for witches to connect with the elements and flow of the universe. It can be a simple ceremony of one candle and an intention thought, or a huge altar full of crystals, candles, curios, and items that spark joy and connection.  In my practice, the full moon and new moons are days and evenings of marked ceremony and witchcrafting.  I believe harnessing the power of the moon will aid in the manifestation of spells and intention work of both creating and letting go or, inviting in the new and or letting go of that which no longer serves.  I focus my full moon ceremony first on giving thanks for the fruits my spirits and deities provide.  Magick seems more effective when the practitioner first is grateful or gives thanks in some way for that which has already manifested.  Some ideas to show one’s gratitude include: giving an offering of food or drink, burning of incense, and speaking the words of thanks in the ceremony.  

Full Moon Rituals can be as simple or as complex as you like.  If time only allows a simple birthday candle burn and 5 minutes of focus; so be it.  If time permits, then by all means take a long bath or shower, making a ritual out of applying any skincare or lotion after exiting the water.  Dress in clothes or robes to help connect with the spiritual nature of the ceremony which will be set up and performed this full moon.  Give time to light candles, and enjoy the glow.  Set fire to incense, and experience the scent.  Listen to the water as it pours from its vessel to the bowl encircling the dressed candle.  

This full Corn Moon in Pisces is a perfect time to set long term intentions, along with summoning the strength needed to carry on in challenging times.  The retrograde season is upon the world, fortitude and tenacity will be essential. This September 2nd full moon is called the Corn moon this year because there are 2 full moons in October (Oct.1 – Harvest Moon, Oct. 31 – Blue Moon, extra spooky because it is All Hallow’s Eve).  The Corn moon is so named because of the corn that is ripe in the fields. The retrograde season is upon the world, fortitude and tenacity will be essential.  When designing a ceremony, the following items may be helpful in the execution of the ritual.  This list is specific for the ritual found below, but use it as a template for other rituals. The key is making it personal, so the reflection of the maker is present.  If all ingredients are not available, use what’s handy – like the foremother and forefather witches of times past.  

The Materials:

  • Fire-safe plate
  • Small bowl
  • Vessel of water
  • Any rock or crystal 
  • Garden sage, rosemary, anise 
  • Olive oil or your fave ritual oil
  • Yellow or white candle, this can be a pillar or poured candle
  • Jasmine incense or your other favorite in seen mine is Frankincense  
  • Items to make an altar
    • Something representing each of the 4 elements
      • Earth – rock or crystal, moonstone is fun for full moon rituals
      • Air – incense 
      • Fire – candle 
      • Water – a bowl of water 

The Ceremony:

Dab your finger in the oil and draw a clockwise circle round the plate to create a circle.  Place the bowl on the plate inside the oil circle. Dress the candle in oil, then sprinkle herbs over the candle. Place the candle in the bowl, melting the wax on the end if needed so it stands. Light the incense and candles. Then, pour the water into the bowl, it symbolizes the water aspect of Pisces.  

When the candle is finished burning, remove it from the water and look over the wax shapes and swirls present. Is there anything that can be divined? Are any symbols or numbers visible?  Take a picture, look at it occasionally, something may appear later in the day.  Consider how the wax of all candles flows, together or apart.  If pillar candles were burned, are any silhouettes or objects visible?  What do those objects or silhouettes represent?  These are a few questions to ask when viewing ritual wax remaining for divination or scrying.  Allow the candle to burn out so wax can be used for scrying after the burn is complete.  

*It could be fun to do this outside under the full moon glowing.

The Incantation: 

On this Full Corn Moon I come to ask, 

Mother moon to grant my request, 

I wish to bring (name desire here) into my life.

I call upon you Mother Moon,

To help me to choose the right path to swim.

Illuminate the way with your silver light.

As Mother Moon shines down on me, she illuminates all I desire.

All I want comes to me,

From places both known and unknown.

Joy and wealth are mine this Full Corn Moon and always,

And so it is and so it shall be.

About the Author:

Stefanina Baker is an Italian witch and psychic practicing a blend of Italian folk magic, and other traditions and practices from her family bloodlines.  Considering herself an eclectic folk magic witch, she has a special affinity for green witchery, kitchen witchery, and fire witchery. Her work and practice have deep familial (specifically Napolitano Italian) influences from Catholic mysticism, as well as profound Greek and Roman pantheon connections. She is an expert in many divination techniques including tarot, tea leaves, wax, fire, and water scrying. She runs her own website, http://www.readingsandrituals.com, and she has an Etsy store specializing in witchy wares, like apothecary items, herbs, curios, spellwork, readings, and candles. Her specialty is monthly group moon rituals, where she shares her magic with other like-minded magical people.  She lives in Delaware with her husband and two dogs.  Find her on Instagram as @readingsandrituals to learn more.

Email: readingsandrituals@gmail.com

Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/ReadingsandRituals 

Website: www.readingsandrituals.com 

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