Journeying Through the Major Arcana: The Fool

By Joy Marshall  | Instagram

I think The Fool is my favorite card in the Tarot Deck because it captures the essence of humanity and the unlimited potential of the human soul. We all have a spark and drive to be creative, joyful, and free. 

Photo of Tatiana Pimentel by Joy Marshall

Who is The Fool?

This is a woman who stands at the beginning of a journey, and that journey is charged with unlimited potential. She is in a state of unbridled freedom and she is filled with intelligence and dreams! She is about to begin her journey through the Major Arcana and is represented by the number zero, meaning both the beginning and the end of a journey. The Fool sits beyond the numerical concepts the rest of the Major Arcana is bound by.

The Fool stands on a cliff edge, with everything she owns tied into a small bundle. She isn’t weighed down by responsibilities or material possessions. The burdens of the past are set aside. She is at the start of a new journey, with a light pack and lots of room to grow. She is focused on the expansive sky, and the approaching cliff holds no terror. She doesn’t have a path, but with each step, a path begins to unwind. Anything is possible, it just has to be decided with the next step. 

Beyond the cliff is unknown space. It represents both unlimited potential and possible risk. Behind her, far in the distance, are mountains that will be a challenge to cross. But those challenges are far from her mind. She carries a white rose in her left hand, which symbolizes purity (in the form of fresh perspective) and intuition. She will need both to guide her path. In many interpretations, she has a dog guiding her from danger. 

The Fool’s Journey

As we shot the images for this post, we ran into some trouble that embodied the essence of this card. When we photographed this image, we had the perfect location planned out at a local orchard with a stunning view of the mountains. We arrived, and I checked to make sure we were okay to start the shoot; however, as we set up, two people in a truck approached and told us we could not shoot there and had to leave. I explained we had permission but would respect their wishes and be off. In the fashion of The Fool, we decided to just drive and see where the journey took us. Tatiana remembered an area with a cliff and mountain views, so we plugged it into the GPS and headed out. The new location ended up being even better than the first. Not only that, but it gave me lots of inspiration for other shoots.

The Fool calls us to reflect on what is most important to us. Not the things society deems important, not superficial or material things, not the hours we clock in at work. What are we passionate about? What brings us unbridled joy? What sparks the seed of your creativity? If you see this card, it’s an invitation to take a leap of faith. Trust yourself to take the journey, to meet the challenges ahead. Indulge your Inner Child, as you let go of your old burdens. The Fool asks us to surrender to the unknown and to trust the journey of life. Don’t be afraid of what is over the cliff edge. Embrace the unknown, and always travel light!

About the Contributors: Joy Marshall and Tatiana Pimentel are a photographer-model duo on a journey to create accessible and diverse fantasy art that tells a story and helps people connect to their own path. Find more information at The Witching Hour Photography.

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