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Blessings and welcome to your weekly Witch With Me tarot reading! I hope it finds you well!

This week I used The Witch’s Familiar Runic Oracle by The White Witch (Athene) and can I just say, this deck is adorable. I love how the author has found a way to combine the traditional meanings of the Elder Futhark runes with their animal familiar counterparts. The artwork is stunning and the animals give life to runes which are often depicted on their own, etched into wood or stones. 

And without further ado…

The Reveal!

Card Number One: Wunjo — Hummingird

Hummingbird hovers, swoops, and dives from one flower to the next completely oblivious to the dangers of her environment but don’t be fooled; she will fight and guard her flowers and feeders like a miniature lightsaber with wings. She is the embodiment of joy but she is also its fierce protector. If Hummingbird medicine has come to you today, you can be sure that the air around your life is shifting in the most positive ways and you will be granted joy, love, and fulfillment. This rune also reminds you to follow the joy and protect the joy in your life — accept nothing less. 

Card Number Two: Algiz – Stag

The stag stands strong in the face of fear and he encourages you to do the same while blessing you with the protection of his mighty antlers. Additionally, he is your connection with the divine spirits who surround you and you are encouraged to be open to hearing their wisdom. If Stag medicine visits you today, it may be a sign that it is time to confront that which you fear, trusting yourself, and trusting that the universe is always working for you and protecting you.

Card Number Three: Perthro — Snake

The two-headed snake, a temptress of the mystery of the divine feminine. Connect with her today as she slithers her way through the cosmos leading you towards both joy and wisdom. While in history the snake has often been used as a negative symbol, she presents herself to you as a powerful good omen. Lastly, because of her relationship to the divine feminine, she also speaks of motherhood. 

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Kendra is an eclectic witch, tarot reader, writer, Mom, activist, crafter, artist, and creator of The Dark Luminology Tarot and the Tarot-ble Times. She currently lives in Cambridge, England, a pit stop before heading home to Colorado. She can often be found collecting shells at the seaside or pine cones and stones in the forest.

Her spiritual studies and practices range from traditional witchcraft and paganism to new age metaphysics. She has been a practising witch since she was a child, greatly influenced by her Native American and Scottish Celtic ancestry.

Within tarot she uses her clairsentience to emotionally connect with her clients and she focuses on shadow work or releasing trauma and negativity to clear the way for manifestation, growth, and abundance.

Her tarot deck, The Dark Luminology Tarot, is set to be released in 2021 and can be found where light and dark kiss.

Kendra is a Pisces sun, Cancer moon and Aries rising.

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