New Moon Cleansing Water

The new moon is upon us! New moon nights are a great time to perform spell work to clean up our spaces and give up bad habits that we
don’t want anymore in our life.

Cleaning our homes and altars is an important part of our everyday magic and the power that this ritual brings is bigger than you can imagine.

To make cleansing water you will need:

  • Vinegar
  • 3 sprigs of rosemary
  • 3 glasses
  • Warm water

To make the cleansing water:

  • Boil the vinegar
  • Pour the vinegar in the glasses
  • Add one branch of rosemary in each glass
  • Wait for 3 minutes
  • Add the water

The result is a special magic water that you can use to clean and purify your home and altar spaces.
The vinegar has deep cleaning properties, while the rosemary protects and purifies.
You may have noticed that the number 3 repeats itself (3 branches, 3 glasses, 3 minutes), this is to use the power of the number to strgnthen the magic of the water.
Witchy tips: when you ask for something, always ask it 3 times!

If you’re not sure what to clean with this special water, here are some ideas:
– Wash the main door, especially the corners inside and outside.
– Purify the areas in the home that give you anxiety, bad vibes, or the places where you don’t feel
comfortable at all.
– Clean your cabinets and drawers, as some believe they are portals.

Mojo Bags

Another great spell for the new moon is the simple art of making mojo bags with lavender (which guards against evil), rosemary (which protects and purifies, as we said before), and pepper (for wealth and vitality), that you can leave in your closets and drawers, in order to help you with those magical portals. When you place your mojo bags, and when you clean your sites, repeat these little prayers for 3

Away from my closets bad bugs and spirits will be kept, away from my house bad energies and vibes will be kept, inside my house wealth and abundance will be kept. For a new beginning together with my guide and goddess: the Moon

Now that you have cleaned everything of importance, sit down by your altar and set the new intentions for the new cycle of the moon.

Light a white candle and burn some incense, then write your intentions down on a piece of paper. Now close your eyes and think with all your faith in your new desires, say your prayers to the Moon, 3 times, and put the piece of paper with your wishes in a hidden place.

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