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Blessings and welcome to your weekly Witch With Me tarot reading with Kendra from @3ofstones! I hope it finds you well!

This week I used The Wildwood Tarot by Mark Ryan and John Matthews which has a delightfully pagan feel and focuses on major pagan aspects such as The Green Man, but also calls on our animal familiars for guidance. I love the moody, heathen tones that make me want to crawl into one of the cards and run around wildly beating my drum.

And without further ado…

The Reveal!

Photo by Kendra

Card Number One: Seven of Arrows – Insecurity

You may feel as though you are suffocating with fear and anxiety related to trauma you have experienced in the past; this could be years ago or even just a few days ago. This fear-loop may be stifling your spiritual expansion as well as the manifestation of your dreams and goals. You can’t change the past, but what you can do is change your reaction to the past. If you can switch your mindset to searching for the hidden lesson within your trauma, learn from it, expand and grow, then you practice trauma-alchemy and neutralize your suffering. When you forgive yourself and those involved, you release the energy tied to that experience so that you can move forward in life wearing your trauma as a survivor of an experience that served to make you stronger, wiser, and more aligned with your highest self. 

Card Number Two: Page of Stones – Lynx

You may be feeling like you rule the forest right now and you are moving so fast with your plans that it seems there is no stopping you. Be careful not to get ahead of yourself. Take a few minutes to meditate or contemplate how your actions have a rippling effect throughout the forest, and judge the passage ahead with a calm mind and a clear soul. There is power in the way your actions affect your life but they also affect the lives of those around you — pay attention to the physical realms right now, slow down, and tread consciously leaving deliberate claw-marks in the trees you dare to climb. 

Card Number Three: Knight of Arrows – Hawk 

Hawk, like you, has a vision and she delivers you the messages of fate urging you to see through the layers of doubt, anxiety, and insecurity regarding the situation you are, or will be facing. Now is not the time to second-guess yourself but rather, focus on the root of the issue, trust your intellect and your intuition in this matter in order to progress. Rather than worrying about what could/might/will happen that are a result of your fears, focus your thoughts and actions towards what you desire to happen. Step into your role as Co-Creator of your human experience. You are powerful and graceful…remember that. So take your grace and fly among the clouds — from up there, you’ll be able to feel the current of air beneath your wings, guiding you swiftly towards resolution. 

If you would like a more in-depth tarot reading, please visit Kendra’s website to find out more.

Kendra is an eclectic witch, tarot reader, writer, Mom, activist, crafter, artist, and creator of The Dark Luminology Tarot and the Tarot-ble Times. She currently lives in Cambridge, England, a pit stop before heading home to Colorado. She can often be found collecting shells at the seaside or pine cones and stones in the forest.

Her spiritual studies and practices range from traditional witchcraft and paganism to new age metaphysics. She has been a practising witch since she was a child, greatly influenced by her Native American and Scottish Celtic ancestry.

Within tarot she uses her clairsentience to emotionally connect with her clients and she focuses on shadow work or releasing trauma and negativity to clear the way for manifestation, growth, and abundance.

Her tarot deck, The Dark Luminology Tarot, is set to be released in 2021 and can be found where light and dark kiss.

Kendra is a Pisces sun, Cancer moon and Aries rising.

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  1. I chose number one and wow. It’s so true, I’ve really been trying to do more shadow work but past traumas have been preventing me from fully delving in.

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