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This month is Wellness Month on Witch With Me. As a witch blogger, I want to participate. But as a Hoodoo Practitioner, I had to think about what the concept of wellness means.

Hoodoo was a spiritual system created by enslaved Africans, and used by their descendants to fight against oppression. Just about all of the magick practiced is based on survival. For hundreds of years, we have perfected spells designed to protect us from the police,  dominate over our oppressors, and bring revenge to our enemies. The topic of wellness never comes up. Black folks are too busy just trying to survive, right?

While the current political climate justifies the need for these spells, I wondered where wellness fits into our magickal path. If wellness is defined as “the active process of becoming aware of, and making choices toward a healthy and fulfilling life”, does that mean that wellness is out of the question for Hoodoo practitioners? To paraphrase Angela Bassett’s Marie Laveau in American Horror Story: Coven, is wellness only for white witches?

I had to ponder this question for a couple of days. While there is still racial inequality in the world, I am not a slave, listed as someone’s material possession on an inventory sheet. For all of the injustices that are still suffered by African-Americans, I am grateful for the progress that has been made since the last slaves were freed in 1865.

Despite racial discrimination, I am able to read and write, change jobs, buy a house, get married, among other things that were denied my ancestors.  Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs teaches that a human requires food, shelter, and safety before they can reach “Self-Actualization”, which is the realization or fulfillment of one’s talents and potentialities.

While there is much work still to be done, many African-Americans are enjoying Self-Actualization. And as African-Americans are evolving beyond survival, Hoodoo must evolve as well.

I went deep into my studies of flower, herb, and mineral correspondences, and came up with a 21st century Hoodoo bath recipe for wellness. When you think about it, a happy Hoodoo bath is a radical thought. 

Hell, it’s practically a political statement. I mean, really. Who has ever heard of a Hoodoo bath for fun?

So after some thought, I said FUCK THAT! It’s time for us to Queen Up with a Hoodoo bath whose only intention is pleasure and happiness.

What a concept!

I went deep into my studies of flower, herb, and mineral correspondences, and created a brand new recipe that can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of magickal path, gender, or sexual orientation.

In other words, I’ve created a Hoodoo spiritual bath designed for the simple pleasure of taking an enjoyable bath. Enjoy it in good health.

Creating Aunt Carla’s Happy Hoodoo Bath

Photo: DepositPhotos.com

I love Hoodoo bath formulas for their simplicity. Practitioners choose herbs based on a client’s needs, usually with an odd number of ingredients – although not always.

But instead of choosing ingredients that correspond with protecting from enemies or breaking jinxes, I’ve created a Hoodoo bath recipe designed for enjoying life. 

This bath recipe is based on the basic Hoodoo odd-number ingredient recipe of plant+mineral+liquid, with variations. 

The flowers used were rainbow-colored roses in pink, yellow, and orange. Roses are a high-vibration flower, and the colors represent self-love, happiness, and success. Calendula flowers were chosen for their association with joy. Basil represents love and wealth, while rosemary brings it all home with correspondences for cleansing, purifying, love, protection, and healing. Orange slices represent love and luck.

Instead of kosher salt that is regularly used in Hoodoo baths, I chose Pink Himalayan Salt as the mineral. While salt represents protection, Pink Himalayan Salt also resembles rose quartz crystal, which inspires self-love. So this mineral’s purpose is to increase self-love, attract abundance, as well as protect, ground, and center.

Florida Water was originally created as the American version of Eau De Cologne in 1808. So it was fun to tap its original purpose as a perfume, to enhance the citrus notes from the orange slices. But since it has become the classic spiritual water for cleansing in Hoodoo, Voodoo, and Santeria, it doesn’t hurt to add its magickal properties to this bath.

This Hoodoo Bath celebrates happiness and joy – and you are worth it!

Photo: Aunt Carla

Aunt Carla’s Happy Hoodoo Bath Formula

What You’ll Need

  • A small bouquet of Rainbow Roses (pink, yellow, red, and orange)
  • Orange Slices
  • Calendula petals
  • Basil
  • Rosemary
  • ¼ cup Florida Water
  • 2 Tablespoons Pink Himalayan Salt
  • 1 Orange chime candle and candleholder
  • Incense for cleansing
  • Spray bottle (optional)
  • Flower Vase


Spiritually cleanse all of your materials by running them through sacred smoke of your choice.

Light an orange chime candle in your bathroom, and gather your ingredients.

Put at least 3 of the rainbow-colored roses from the bouquet in a vase with water next to the orange candle.

Take a bath or shower with soap and water, and dry off with a towel. This is a regular cleansing for your body.

Run a new bath of warm water.

Remove the petals from the remaining roses. Gather all of the ingredients, and activate their magickal properties by speaking to them, telling them what you want them to do. (“Basil, bring me love and wealth!”) As you do so, place them in the warm bath.

Get in the bathtub and have a good soak. Inhale all of the goodness, and make a mental gratitude list. Make sure to wet your face and body from the neck down. 

If wetting your hair isn’t possible, put some of the bath water in a spray bottle and lightly spray your hair.

No Bathtub? No Problem!

If you only have a shower, activate the ingredients, and place them in a large bowl with cheesecloth placed over it. Add warm water and let it steep for a few minutes. Tie up the ingredients in the cheesecloth (Cheesecloth drawstring bags can also be used). Take the bowl to the shower and slowly pour the liquid over your entire body, including your head if possible. If wetting your hair isn’t possible, put some of the bath water in a spray bottle and lightly spray your hair. Put the cheesecloth aside until the ritual is done.

Photos: Aunt Carla

While you soak in the bath (or run the bath water over your body in the shower), visualize happy outcomes for yourself.

Speak aloud (your choice of the below):

  • 23rd Psalm
  • Repeat the affirmation “I am powerful” ten times. Feel free to improvise and add others, such as “I am beautiful!” and/or “I am my ancestors’ wildest dreams!” 
  • Another positive intention of your own⠀

As the water drains from your bath or shower, imagine your obstacles going down the drain as well.

Allow yourself to air dry. If you want to try to dry quicker, or add extra energy to the ritual, play a song that makes you feel fantastic.

My personal song choices are “Just Fine” by Mary J. Blige and “I’m Every Woman” by Chaka Khan. You can also check out my “Happy Hoodoo Playlist” on Spotify for more fun tunes.

When your body is dry, move the flowers and candle to your altar, and allow your candle to burn down all the way.

Photo: Aunt Carla

Dispose of your materials, and dress in light or colorful clothing.

End your ritual with your favorite words, and do something that you enjoy.

Aunt Carla’s 7 Day Happy Hoodoo Spell

If you need to lift your spirits, you can do a longer ritual by repeating the bath for 7 nights while also burning a 7 Day Happy Hoodoo Candle. 

Photo: Aunt Carla

  • Get a yellow or orange 7 day candle from the dollar or grocery store. You can also use a white candle if nothing else is available. 
  • Take a white sheet of paper, and draw a sun on it. Add a smiling face to it. 
  • Cut the paper to fit the candle. 
  • Write your petition on the back of your picture, and tape the paper to the candle.
  • Your Happy Hoodoo candle is ready to burn!


About the Author: Aunt Carla is a teacher, blogger, and Hoodoo practitioner. She is the High Priestess of the Queen Up Club Mystery School, which teaches self-actualization through magick, metaphysics, psychology, and the Law of Attraction. Her free Sunday School Magickal Masterclasses cover witchy topics including Candle Magick and Spiritual Baths, and have been featured in the WitchWithMe.com and WitchSwap.com. Her Marie Lizzeau brand is well-known for its popular “100% That Witch” and “Hex Racism” t-shirts. She’s currently creating an Introduction to Hoodoo course for Witch With Me Academy. Learn more by visiting Instagram.com/MarieLizzeau.

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