Book Review: Water Witchcraft by Annwyn Avalon

Book Review: Water Witchcraft by Annwyn Avalon

Review and Photo by Briony Silver | Instagram | Podcast 

About the Author

Annwyn Avalon is a witch and priestess, and the founder of Triskele Rose, an Avalonian witchcraft tradition. Annwyn writes The Water Witch blog and is an award-winning, internationally known dancer with a repertoire of water and mermaid themed belly dance performances. 

About Water Witchcraft

Water Witchcraft is the book that I didn’t even know I was looking for! I have more than a handful of watery zodiac placements, and have always felt a natural pull towards the use of water in my magic…even places like the ocean, waterfalls, and forest brooks felt inherently magical to me. However, I couldn’t quite put my finger on why, and often searched for ways to incorporate these things into my magical practice. If any part of this sounds like you, or even if you are just curious about this specific branch of natural magic, then Water Witchcraft will prove a fascinating read! 

Avalon’s first book is packed cover-to-cover with helpful context, history, and lore of water witchery, and provides ample opportunity to connect the material with your own real-life experiences through exercises, meditations, spells, rituals, and more. While the information is centered around “magic and lore from the Celtic tradition,” it is not a requirement that your practice reflect that same tradition; all of the hands-on work is extremely adaptable, and can be adjusted to fit just about any magical path. 

It is abundantly clear from the very first chapter that Water Witchcraft is written from a place of extensive lived experience – Avalon’s immersive study and practice shine through with ease, and she artfully breaks down even the most complex and high-level concepts in a way that witches of all experience levels will appreciate. As a practice, Water Magic is nothing if not accessible when taught from Avalon’s perspective: “A modern water witch is simply one who works witchcraft with water and is deeply connected to water and the spirits that dwell within it” (p. 3). Now, a note here, in case that last part gives you pause – if you are a witch who does not regularly work with deities or spirits at this time, don’t fret! There are still more than enough hands-on practices in Water Witchcraft to keep you moving forward on your watery witchcraft journey. 

New Witches will Love…

…the extensive lists of materials and correspondences that may be used on the path of water witchcraft. When it comes to water itself, there are of course the more obvious types that you might think of right away: sea water, river water, lake water, and more – but there are even more that might be less easily guessed. Fountain, pool, marsh, black, and brackish water are just a few examples of such types, all of which have their own unique magical properties and associations. 

In addition, the “tools of the trade” outlined in Water Witchcraft might contain a few surprises, providing ways for newer witches to utilize objects they already have to connect with their practice in a meaningful way – without breaking the bank on new ritual tools! Do you have a hair comb? How about a mirror somewhere in your home? Do you tend any plants, either indoors or outdoors? Great – these can all be incorporated into water witchery! (Of course, things like bowls, jars, and vials are also on this list. You may be surprised by just how many tools are already at your fingertips!)

Experienced Witches will Love…

…the unique takes on seemingly simple practices. When we first find our way to witchcraft, two of the elementary practices we are usually taught to practice and master are those of grounding and shielding. Oftentimes, these practices are described in rather vague terms, which can make it difficult to adapt them in ways that are authentic to your unique practice. For those who feel drawn to a path of water magic (and potentially even for those who do not!), Water Witchcraft offers some fresh perspective on both of these practices, providing detailed, step-by-step instructions for multiple grounding and shielding practices, viewed through a uniquely watery lens. 

Witches who enjoy history, lore, and mythology will find Water Witchcraft to be an absolute treasure trove, as well as witches looking to incorporate spirit work into their water magic path. Not only does Avalon delve into details around specific bodies of water and the legends associated with them, but an entire chapter is dedicated purely to the enchanting subject of mermaids and other finfolk. 

Water Witchcraft may be purchased here.

About Briony: Briony Silver is an eclectic witch based in the Pacific Northwest, and the host of the Eclectic Witchery podcast. A proud Cancerian, water and the moon heavily influence her individual Craft – so you can almost always find her wearing something lunar-inspired, while toting a variety of jars, bottles, and vials in her bag. With a background teaching yoga and mindfulness, she enjoys weaving those two practices into her magic, and vice versa. You can connect with her on Instagram at @eclectic_witchery to talk water magic, crystals, moon magic, divination tools, and witchy books galore!

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