Herbs for Full Moon in Scorpio

By Tess Wood | Instagram

History describes the full moon as a time of hunting and gathering, worship, and completion.

It is beautiful and helps us create and harness powerful energy within ourselves. The moon has housed our intuition and emotions since the beginning of time, and similarily, herbs have been used alongside moon cycles for thousands of years, as a way to connect us on a deeper level.

A full moon in Scorpio is a powerful opportunity for rebirth and renewal, it is time to practice deep emotional healing and transformation. This full moon asks you to dig deep for what you truly want and focus on the things you are possibly pushing aside. Right now is the time to take action an explore what you desire most to propel you forward in your journey.

Whether you are a kitchen witch, an herbalist, a moon baby, or just an everyday practioner, you will be able to appreciate the impact the use of herbs has on a full moon. Herbs greatly affect the subconscious mind, opening us up to what is buried.

The herbs you use during a full moon are endless, but I’ve chosen five of my favorites for you to get started with.

Rosemary ( Salvia rosemarinus )

Association: Masculine

Parts Used: leaves

Uses: tea, oil, tincture, incense, food, bath 

This bad boy is a staple when it comes to full moon practice. Not only does it spice up a Sunday roast but it also spices up any ritual. Rosemary, when used in your practice, is incredibly cleansing & purifying, which makes it really beneficial on a  full moon to help prepare for that new cycle to begin!

Other magical properties include:

  • Acceleration of learning 
  • Clarity
  • Protection

Mugwort  ( Artemisia vulgaris )

Association: Feminine

Parts Used: roots, Leaves

Uses: Tea, oil, tincture

Its got a funny name but don’t judge a book by its cover! Mugwort has got a trick up its sleeve and can help boost one’s psychic ability during a full moon. When we are digging deep within ourselves, mugwort uncovers difficult truths we’ve been avoiding. This plant is traditionally found used throughout the history of witchcraft as a lunar herb.

Other Magical Properties includes:

  • Enhanced dreams
  • Good Luck
  • Protection against negative energy 

White Sage (Salvia apiana)

Association: Masculine

Parts Used: Leaves

Uses: Tea, tincture, incense, smudging, bath

Sage is the name, cleansing is the game. This herb is known for being versatile and easily available for most all things spiritual or not. Sage helps us maintain and build upon emotional strength and is beneficial in a Scorpio moon to keep us protected from the new challenges we face.

Other Magical Properties include:

  • Purification
  • Good Luck
  • Wisdom

Yarrow ( Achillea millefolium)

Parts Used: Flowers

Uses: Tea, Tincture, bath

We know it for its delicate and sweet white flowers, and although some consider this herb an invasive weed. Yarrow has a track record of magical significance. This flowering plant aids in healing spiritual wounds, driving away any residual negative energy that may be lingering. Great for new beginnings during the full moon.

Other Magical Properties include:

  • Increase psychic abilities
  • Attracts love and friendship
  • Increases courage

Juniper Berry ( Juniperus )

Association: Feminine

Parts Used: Berries, Needles, Wood

Uses: Tea, Skincare, Incense, Bath

Although a tree and not technically classified as a herb, juniper berries play a huge part during any full moon as a guardian between this world and the next, like a knight in shining armor guiding us. It helps us focus and concentrate on what we want at that particular time by getting in touch with our deity, and the nature that surrounds us.

Other magical properties include:

  • Helps with memory
  • Purification
  • Mental clarity
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Full Moon Herbal Oil Recipe

For this oil you will need:

  • A clean empty jar or container (airtight and leak-proof!)
  • Almond or extra virgin olive Oil
  • 2 tbsp of Rosemary
  • 2 tbsp of Juniper
  • Rose or Jasmine essential oil (optional)
  • Amethyst or Citrine crystal chips

Place herbs, crystals, essential oils, and anything else you would like to add into the bottom of the jar. Slowly pour oil into the jar while really focusing on your intentions and what you want to work on during this time. Secure the lid, seal it up, and pop it outside or in a window where it can bask in the moonlight overnight.

You can use this oil to anoint spell candles or enhance workings. You can add a couple of drops to your bath or even into an incense blend to cleanse yourself after a long day! The rosemary and the juniper will aid as protection and help guide you through another month’s cycle. I hope you enjoyed this recipe and what you’ve learned today and remember to keep rocking it, you beautiful witch!

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    Thank you, I did enjoy this read! I’m even ✍ copying what each of the herbs are for. I am learning something new with every blog. I appreciate it! Mj

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