5 Essential Spellwork Herbs

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Herbs have been used medicinally since the dawn of time. While the medicinal properties of all plants are extremely beneficial to know and use, did you know herbs can be used metaphysically (magickally) as well in spellwork? Every herb has correspondences that connect it to the great web of witchy power from which we weave our spells and rituals. This overview will walk you through the magickal and metaphysical properties of each herb so you are able to confidently select the herb that helps achieve the goal you are seeking through spellwork.

While sourcing dried herbs is perfectly acceptable and common, it is worth reiterating that the magickal tools we cultivate ourselves make for the most powerful and authentic spellwork. If you are up to a green thumb challenge, perhaps it is time to buy some seeds, potting soil, and give it a go. Additionally, these herbs can all usually be found live, potted, and sprouting, at your local grocery store in the produce or floral department.

1) Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis)

Fire/Male/Leo Ruled

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Rosemary is the all purpose herbal spellwork aid. Similar to the general properties of a white candle or a clear quartz crystal, rosemary can be substituted for most other spellwork ingredients in a pinch. Don’t have mugwort or feverfew on hand? Boom. Use Rosemary. 

Rosemary also amplifies the power of all spellwork and speeds up results. Rosemary is very effective for use in spells of fidelity, marriage, self confidence, retaining youth, dispeling jealousy, and ancestor work.

2) Thyme (Thymus vulgaris)

Earth/Feminine/Venus Ruled

Thyme is your go-to herb for strength and courage in spellwork. Let thyme help you stay the course to achieve your goals. It even can help attract a lover you have been eyeing. Dually, it can be used to clear negative energies or low vibrations from the home through burning or by mixing into a cleaning solution. Place thyme in a sachet under your pillow to ease nightmares. Attract faeries and fae magick by growing outdoors. 

3) Common Sage (Salvia officinalis)

Air/Masculine/Jupiter Ruled

Sage had an outstanding reputation for burning and clearing bad vibes for good reason; it really works! Studies show reduced levels of bacteria in the air after sage is burned. Do you need healing? Maybe you feel physically unwell, or have a broken heart, or are feeling emotionally beat down. Sage provides helping, uplifting, and cleansing magick to get you back on track. 

Sage is also a plant of wisdom, grounding, and ego release. Want to get down to your inner witch and strip away all the societal conditioning that is holding you back? Sage that vibe. Feeling ethereal and unsure of your next move? Ask the sage plant for help. Want to have a deeper understanding of your place in the world or more compassion for the struggles of others? Add some sage to your spell jar. 

4) Lavender (Lavandula)

Water/Feminine/Neptune Ruled

Lavender is the perfect herb to soothe and calm. It is most commonly used in spells to aid with sleep, anxiety, depression, stress, and fear. Keep some on you in a sachet or use it in essential oil form to take advantage of the tranquil aroma.

Lavender is also extremely useful for work with the divine or for bolstering intuition. Ask lavender for help as you read your tarot cards or scry. Lavender can help you gain clarity of path and the wisdom to walk said path. Plus the sheer beauty of the plant inspires the soul.

5) Basil (Ocimum basilicum)

Fire/Masculine/Mars Ruled

Having a basil plant is like having your very own money tree. Besides being a delicious addition to your summer tomatoes, this workhorse of a plant brings abundance and joy to your life.

Use basil in spells for money, employment, business growth, business protection, and even safe travel. Basil is also handy to bolster other forms of abundance like an abundance of friendship, peace, happiness, and love.

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