Magickal Veggies for Your Victory Garden

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In the past few months, life as we know it has changed for us as individuals and for society as a whole. In an uncertain economic climate, we have seen a surge in homesteading projects such as victory gardens, rain water storage, and raising backyard chickens. As someone who has been a homesteading, chicken raising, garden lovin’ witch for several years now, I find this both exciting and profound. Our world is changing, evolving, and so are the people in it.

Being a practicing witch, my gardening techniques differ from those of an average gardener. Of course, I implement the mundane gardening techniques that have been successful for gardeners of all walks, but I take a magickal approach as well. Using vegetables in kitchen witch dishes, or even as vessels for spells are a couple of ways you can incorporate your garden into your craft.  Here is a list of five vegetables that you can grow in your garden that have magickal correspondences! 

Photo: Josie Hellebore
  1. Tomato: Tomatoes are diverse, easy to grow and relatively low maintenance. Some variations will require pruning to increase the quality and quantity of the fruit yield. A good rule of thumb is to cut off any branches or off shoots that are close to or touching the ground.  The magickal correspondence for tomatoes is protection. Their strong vining branches build a fortress around themselves to keep their fruits safe from would-be predators, such as birds. In this same way they can be used to bring protection to you and your family by either eating the fruits, or using the snippings from pruning in herb blends for oils or incense. 
  2. Squash: Squash of any variety can be used as a vessel and infused with any intent you wish to bestow upon it. For instance, if you or a loved one are ill and are in need of healing, you could use a gourd squash for this purpose. I suggest using a gourd because it is round and full, making it easier to hollow out and fill with magickal ingredients. First, take a gourd, hollow it out and fill with herbs that correspond with healing. This can be any sort of healing, from emotional to physical. In addition to the herbs, add a petition paper with your intention written upon it. You can then bury this gourd in the woods, at a crossroads or even in your own backyard. That being said, you could also infuse the gourd with baneful intent. Please note, if you do that do NOT bury it in your yard! In fact, bury it as far from yourself and your home as possible. Never keep baneful workings or hexes in your personal space, it can draw malice to you as well as the target.
  3. Cucumbers: In addition to being easy to grow, fun to pickle and a great healthy snack option, cucumbers also have magickal correspondences. Being that cucumbers are ruled by the Moon and the Planet Venus, they are associated with all things love, beauty and fertility. If you want to perform glamour magick or a youth/anti-aging spell, cucumber is a wonderful additive. Placing cucumber slices over your eyes has been long used to reduce puffiness, which makes sense when you think about its magickal properties. As with the tomato, you can use the cucumber itself in dishes, or dry the leaves to burn as incense while performing any of the aforementioned spells. 
  4. Garlic: Garlic has long since been associated with removing the evil eye. It not only can repel negativity, evil intent, jealousy, and hexes, but it is also numerous health benefits. By adding it into dishes for you and your family, it can be infused with the intent of fending off any baneful energies or spells. Garlic is relatively easy to grow and very low maintenance. You can purchase a whole garlic at the grocery store and take the cloves apart and plant each one individually. From every clove a garlic plant will grow. I grow them next to my tomatoes as the two plants provide benefits to each other. Garlic also repels certain pests that will eat your tomatoes. 
  5. Green Beans:  Green beans are a vining plant in certain varieties, and like all vining plants, “pole beans” can be associated with protection. Due to Mercury being the ruling planet of green beans, they can be applied to a myriad of spell crafting rituals. Prosperity is the most commonly associated with them, but they can also be used for power, wisdom, success of any kind, creativity and are also associated with the crossroads. There are a few varieties of green beans, most notably bush and pole. Growing pole beans will require a trellis of some kind. Bush beans do not need any support and are sufficient as stand-alone vegetables. Many gardeners plant bush green beans at a staggering pace, because each plant will only bear fruit for so long. It is advisable to plant new seeds every 2 to 3 weeks to keep a steady flow of green beans coming in. Also, plant quite a few so you can have a high enough fruit yield for decent meal portions. The last thing you want is to have a small awkward amount of green beans making it difficult to utilize them in a kitchen witch capacity.
Photo: Josie Hellebore

I hope you have enjoyed this brief overview of vegetables you can use to enhance your craft. If you are beginning your hand at gardening, these plants will be a good starting point for you. Even an experienced gardener can benefit from learning the magickal properties of the plants they are growing in their garden. These can and will be expounded upon by me in further detail as I am currently writing a book on the subject of garden witchery! No official date of release yet, I am still in the early stages of the book writing/publishing process. Having said that, I could no longer contain my excitement and had to share! Hopefully you are as excited for this new project as I am. As always, feedback is greatly appreciated, so if you enjoyed this blog post and are excited for the book release, let us know! Remember to please like, comment and share. Many blessings, witchy boos. Happy Garden Witching!! 

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