Book Review: Seasons of Wicca by Ambrosia Hawthorn

By Wren La Fey | Instagram | Facebook

As a seasoned witch, I was particularly excited about reviewing this book, which has been described as an essential guide for Wiccans to ‘enhance their practice and deepen their faith’.

Even though most books end up as reference guides to dip in and out of, I still want to feel a connection to the author. This connection is quickly established via Hawthorn’s personal Wicca journey in the beautiful introduction; and here she explains that Wicca should always remain a personal path. A heartening start for new and old practitioners alike.

There follows engaging sections on Nature, Deity, Magic and how they relate to Wiccan practice. Most helpfully, Hawthorn takes an early opportunity to talk about what Wicca isn’t, and covers the popular Wicca traditions; helping the reader navigate an often-confusing landscape. One of the things I love most about this book, and Hawthorn’s writing, is her ability to pack the most important information into a relatively small space.

The reader is fully immersed in the origins and beliefs of Wicca before being moved on to the second part. You might anticipate that half a book dedicated to Wiccan ritual might be tough going, but it isn’t. Hawthorn manages to expertly cover all aspects of Wiccan ritual in a light, sensitive, and informative manner. She gives excellent book suggestions for further reading, and offers magical insight for each stage of the ritual process.

Included is a plethora of comprehensive rituals covering the Sabbats and Esbats of Wheel of the year, and how we fit into that cycle as humans. In fact, the beautiful rituals Hawthorn offers up are thoughtful, emotional, and considered. The rituals are varied, they are simple to carry out, but they’re also involved enough for you to feel that you are truly getting to the heart of Wicca. Wiccan rites are often overlooked, but the inclusion of these, including handfasting and funerary rites, are such a welcome addition to this book; and there would have been something missing had Hawthorn excluded them.

If you enjoyed Glennie Kindred’s Sacred Celebrations then I guarantee you will enjoy Seasons of Wicca. Hawthorn has cleverly split this book into two parts; the first part explaining Wicca, and the second covering the themes and practical aspects of following the Wiccan path. This is as perfect a framework as one could hope for in a book on this subject; and I am impressed at the clarity and simplicity with which everything is laid out.

In fact, everything is so simply and systematically explained that this book is a must-have for the magical bookshelf. The wonderful rituals included in this book are perfect for those starting out on a Wiccan path; or for those who have walked the path for a while, and are wishing to explore Wiccan ritual in greater depth.

This is an empowering, educational, joyful, and life-affirming book that makes Wiccan ritual accessible. It allows you to fully integrate yourself into the Wiccan faith with ease; and worship with meaning and intent.

Seasons of Wicca is released on May 12. You can pre-order your copy here or over to Ambrosia’s Instagram page to find out more.

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