Interview with Sue Lemmon from @thewitchandthegoddess

If you’ve been on Instagram or Pinterest before, the chances are that you will have seen the amazing creations of the very lovely Sue Lemmon. Her wreaths are so in demand that they sell out in seconds! We caught up with Sue to find out a bit more about her creative process and how she got to be so dang awesome!

Your wreaths have become one of the most sought after crafts on Instagram. They are so desirable that your Instagram account exploded over the course of a few short months and your designs sell out almost as soon as you post them! When did you first start making them? 

Thank you so much for inviting me here!! That is so kind of you and very surreal for me. I have always been a maker since I was in college but it wasn’t until 2016 that I started making wreaths. I had made a few for my friends but when my dad passed away very suddenly I was overcome with grief and making wreaths was a way to focus my energy and emotions. Creating is great therapy!

Photo: Sue Lemmon

What inspires you when you begin the process of creating a new piece?

My inspiration emerges from the union of the natural world and the metaphysical. I’m constantly seeing ideas all around me. It’s always my goal to capture the feeling, the look, the inspiration of an idea into my work. It can come from a book, a movie, a magical tool, or just a walk in the woods.

Are you drawn to working with certain craft tools?

My hands, my imagination and my glue gun!

Do you have any rituals to help you with your process of crafting?

I always cleanse my space with sage or palo santo. I like to light candles. Organize my materials and create an environment that feels good to be in. Making my space magical gives life to more magic.

Photo: Sue Lemmon

As well as a full-time crafter, you’re also a mom to 4 children. I’m in awe of your juggling act! Do you have any tips for working moms out there when it comes to finding a balance between work and home life?

It’s really hard to say because every family is different. Two of my boys are in college so I have my daughter who’s is 15, and my little boy who is 6 here at home. My husband and I are extremely blessed to be in the position we are in right now. We are able to work together to take of our household and our business. Before I became a full time artist, we both worked other jobs and it was hard to manage. The only thing I can say is if you want something bad enough, if you are obsessively passionate and believe you can do it, you will.

Do you identify as a witch?

Yes I definitely do. I was raised Catholic but my grandparents who came over from Eastern Europe also brought with them the ritual culture and customs of the old country and I gravitated towards that.

You’ve just launched your new Kitchen Witch collection, can you tell us a bit about how you came up with this amazing idea?

I love anything old, vintage, and antique. You can just feel all the past energies of things that have been used before and I find that very magical. To me, the kitchen is the heart of the home, where a lot of magic happens. I was in a thrift store one day and just imagined how I could make so many kitchen implements so much more magical and how easy it would be for people to make their own kitchens have a little bit of magic too. So, I right then and there I filled my cart with anything I could find that I pictured in a Witch’s Kitchen.

Photo: Sue Lemmon

Are there any crafters that you are particularly inspired by?

Oh my gosh!! There are too many to name and wouldn’t want to leave anyone out.

What advice would you give to anyone who is looking to follow a similar path and fulfill their dream of becoming a maker?

Don’t give up!! Work hard. Believe it will happen. Practice gratitude. What we put out into the universe comes back to us. I always thought I would make it someday, even though I wanted to give up so many times but I never dreamed I would be where I am now and I’m so thankful I kept going. A positive mind makes powerful magic!

Thank you, Sue! You can find Sue’s incredible pieces on her Instagram or Etsy shop.

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