Ritual for Front Line Workers

By Louisa Moon | Instagram | Website

My mum is a nurse on the front line and this is a simple ritual that I carry out for her each morning before she goes to work. If you want to do something similar for someone you know, you will need:

  • Heatproof bowl
  • Salt
  • Candle
  • Pin


Using the pin, inscribe the name of the person you are casting for on the candle. If you have four thieves vinegar, dress the candle with it either by dipping it into the mixture or brushing it on. Stand the candle in the bowl. If the candle doesn’t stay upright, warm the end up over a flame so that it melts a little, then hold it firmly in place as the wax sets.

Place salt in a circle at the base of the candle. If you have any of the other ingredients to hand, add a circle of frankincense, hawthorn, and rosemary on top of the salt circle and a circle of black salt to the outside of the salt circle. If you feel called to, write the purpose of your ritual on the bay leaf and place this at the base of the candle along with the quartz crystal.

This ritual is best carried out before your loved one goes to work. Begin by lighting the candle and spending a few moments meditating on the flame. As your eyes relax into the gaze, envisage a bubble around your loved one as they go about their working day. Fill the bubble with a white light, emanating from their heart. Spend a few moments holding your loved one in this bubble of light before blowing the candle out. Keep the bowl and contents in a safe place and repeat as often as you feel necessary, adding more layers to the energy each time you perform it.

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