Three Witchy Ways to Welcome Spring

By Paula Moontree | Instagram

The celebration of Ostara and the coming of spring is a very special part of my practice – one that I am excited to share with you. The turning of the wheel from winter to spring offers so many opportunities for us to connect with the Earth’s magick! 

Early spring is a time of gradual shifting and transformation. On the spring Equinox, when we celebrate Ostara, there is an equal amount of light and darkness. Moving forward from that point, each day has a bit more sunlight. I’ve selected three of my favorite traditions to share with you, and I hope you will see these ideas as a jumping-off point for creating your own!

1. Cleanse your Home

This process clears out the stale energy of winter and opens your home to the new possibilities of spring. There are many ways to cleanse – some more traditional, some eclectic. There is no single right way, and you should follow what feels meaningful for you. Personally, I like to cleanse my home with salt. Before I begin, I open all of the windows and doors. I sprinkle a bit of salt in each room to absorb the stale, tired energy of winter’s end, and then sweep it all over the threshold and outside. I usually play music while I do this, and often end up dancing! 

This symbolic, energetic cleansing can be particularly powerful when paired with a thorough physical spring cleaning of dust, cobwebs, and clutter. Once I’ve done the magickal cleansing, I find that I feel much more motivated to do some mundane cleaning, too!

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2. Spend Time in Nature

Whether or not you’ve been outside very much in winter, getting out into the fresh air of spring is a must for recharging and renewing ourselves. We have spent the winter season in darkness, exploring our shadows, germinating, reflecting. Now, it is time to blossom! 

Set aside time alone to take a walk. Try to find a place where you can walk directly on the earth, rather than pavement. It can be a park, forest, beach…whatever natural space calls to you. While you walk, tap into each of the elements. 

Air: Can you smell the unique aroma of spring? Is there a breeze caressing your face? 

Earth: Bend down and touch the soil. Is it muddy? Can you see any animal prints? How about tiny seedlings emerging? 

Water: Is there a stream or pond? What creatures do you see and hear near the water? Look up at the sky: are there clouds, filled with moisture to give to the earth? 

Fire: If you wish, collect one small item from your walk to bring home. It could be a pebble, a feather, a pinecone, a blade of grass, or anything else that calls to you. Once you are home, place this item on your altar as a symbol of the season, and light a candle to welcome spring into your home!

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3. Celebrate Emerging New Life

There are so many fun ways to embrace the earth magick of this season! By celebrating Ostara in tangible ways, we can also tap into our own desires for growth and transformation. Two ways to do this are decorating eggs and welcoming a plant into your home.

Decorating eggs: The practice of coloring eggs to welcome spring dates back more than 4,000 years to ancient Egypt, when the Pharaohs hung dyed eggs in the temples to celebrate the renewal of life. In my own practice, I like to draw sigils on my eggs. Many people do this with a wax crayon or small candle before dying, which will make the sigil appear white against the colored egg. Instead, you can do what I do, which is use a Sharpie to draw your sigil after dying the egg. You can create your own sigils, or draw familiar ones such as the triple moon, pentacle, or elements. I’ve included a picture of some of my decorated eggs.

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Photo courtesy of @strega_natura

Welcoming a plant into your home: Planting seeds, and tending them as they sprout and grow, is a way to experience the incremental transformation of this season. If you don’t have access to outside space, there are many seeds that do well in small containers and can thrive on a porch or kitchen windowsill. If this is your first time growing a plant from seed, I recommend basil, chives or mint. They are easy to grow, and you can enjoy their aroma and taste, too! You may choose to welcome a houseplant instead, and by nurturing your plant you can connect with the transformative energy of spring.

I hope that you feel inspired to embrace the beautiful magick of spring. If you choose to try any of these suggestions, I’d love to hear from you about your experience! You can find me on Instagram @strega_natura

About the author: Paula Moontree is an intuitive witch who believes the deep Knowledge lies within each of us, and that through exploring, connecting and creating we can tap into our full magickal potential. Her craft focuses on nature magick and creating new rituals to connect with the seasons. She is an INFJ and empath who loves reading historical fiction, writing poetry, baking unhealthy treats, and spending time with her family.

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