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Learning the Tarot may feel like a daunting task for some beginners. It takes a fair amount of memorization, study and exploration to form a working understanding of the conventional meanings and correspondences of the cards – but in my experience it’s worth the investment of brain power and time. Even if our ultimate aim is to form our own unique and (personally) meaningful associations with the symbols, the boost in confidence and valuable insight that comes along with knowing the conventional meanings and correspondences can empower readers–especially Intuitive ones – to read with authority.

One method that can be used to reinforce our basic understanding of the themes of each card is to link the card with a song that we feel embodies the essence of the symbolism. Many people find it easier to remember information when it’s associated with music. I was inspired to create a Major Arcana Playlist that reflects my personal understanding of the energy and themes associated with each card based on this idea – specifically for using the playlist as a study aid. 

Here I want to mention that I regret that this concept is inherently ablest in respects to our friends and readers that are deaf or hard of hearing. For this reason I did not select any instrumental songs, only ones with lyrics and have included a sample of lyrics I feel reflect the themes of each card in the written playlist below. I also opted to create a YouTube playlist and (where available) choose music videos that I feel visually capture aspects of the meanings and correspondences of each card as well!

Below is the written playlist formatted as such:


Artist – Song

Keywords / Astrological Correspondence

“Lyric sample”

You can also find my public playlist on YouTube.

I hope that this exercise or playlist will be helpful to our fellow Tarot readers. I would also like to invite others in our community to create and post their own Major or Minor Arcana Playlists!


The World

Tool – The Grudge

Manifestation and Karma / Saturn

”Saturn comes back around. Lifts you up like a child or drags you down like a stone to consume you till you choose to let this go…”

The Fool

Bobby McFerrin – Don’t Worry Be Happy

Joy and Freedom / Uranus-Aquarius-Aries

”In every life we have some trouble but when you worry you make it double. Don’t worry, be happy…”

The Magician

Grand Magus – Iron Will

Inception And Will / Mercury Gemini-Virgo

“Iron will. I’ll never give in or surrender. Iron will. Remind me to always remember…”

The High Priestess

Sampa The Great – Energy

Sacred Feminine (Conception) / Moon

“Feminine energy, energy reign. Intuition and ambition. Intuition strange. Intuition and ambition. Running through my veins. Pour up the love, let the healing begin…”

The Empress

Cleo Sol – Why Don’t You

Divine Feminine (Manifestation) / Venus-Taurus-Libra

“I’m not perfect, so I try everyday and I grow a little bit. Read a little more so I can educate my kids. Reap for my soul and cleanse my spirit. Pray cause I’m ready for the bloom of the sea. Peace and serenity is all that I need. Sometimes we fall in love. Love is always in us…”

The Emperor

SubRosa – The Usher

Divine Masculine (Stewardship) / Aries

“You’re supreme, immutable, unchanging. You’re never failing through the ages…”

The Hierophant

Dead Can Dance – In The Kingdom Of The Blind The One-Eyed Are Kings

Sacred Masculine (Communion) / Taurus

“If it were within, within our power, beyond the reach of slavish pride, to no longer harbour grievances behind the mask’s opportunist’s facade. We could welcome the responsibility, like a long lost friend and re-establish laughter in the dolls house once again…”

The Lovers

Citizens! – True Romance

Integration And Union / Divine Contracts / Gemini

“Oh my love keep your eyes on the road. I am asleep to the lights up ahead. What kind of minds are these that the gods and the television gave us. Hold me love until we disappear again. Here we are, true romance. You hold it in your hands – true romance. I found a place to make a stand – true romance…”

The Chariot

Mastodon – The Czar

True Will  / Cancer

“Spiralling up through the crack in the sky. Leaving the material world behind. I see your face in constellations…”


Sa-Roc – Forever

Fortitude And Finesse / Leo

“When I wake up, no makeup, half naked, I feel like I’m the shit. Pardon my language, but hang ups do not define the kid. No, I’m not flawless, I’m scarred up and I’m fine with it. My body art a laundry list of all of life’s unkindnesses. But—I still sip tea and chant om, and live free…”

The Hermit

Non-Tiq – Quiet

Initiation And Service / Virgo

“If its quiet anywhere, let me hear myself again…”

The Wheel Of Fortune

Propellerheads feat: Dame Shirley Bassey – History Repeating

Cycles And Dharma / Jupiter

“The word is about, there’s something evolving. Whatever may come, the world keeps revolving…They say the next big thing is here. That the revolution’s near, but to me it seems quite clear that it’s all just a little bit of history repeating…”


Seinabo Sey – I Owe You Nothing

Reason and Order / Libra

“See, I won’t help you understand. I don’t need no helping hand, no. See, these aren’t tears, this is the ocean. These aren’t fears, this is devotion. I owe you nothing, I be myself and I ain’t fronting, eh, nah, nah, nah…”

The Hanged Man

Katatonia – In The White

Sacrifice And Gnosis / Pisces

“So I found you. Found a way all through the quiet cold of inner darkness. And now that you’re here it becomes so clear, I have waited for you always…”


Bone Thugs-n-Harmony – Tha Crossroads

Purification And Transformation / Scorpio

“Now tell me whatcha gonna do when there ain’t no where to run (tell me what). (When judgment comes for you, when judgment comes for you). And whatcha gonna do. When there aint no where to hide (tell me what). When judgment comes for you (’cause it’s gonna come for you)…”


The Weakerthans – Aside

Divine Lessons / Jupiter /

“Circumnavigate this body of wonder and uncertainty. Armed with every precious failure and amateur cartograph. I breath in deep before I spread those maps out on my bedroom floor…”

The Devil

Metric – Gold Guns Girls

Manifestation And Karmic Debt / Karmic Contracts / Capricorn

“All the gold and the guns in the world (couldn’t get you off). All the gold and the guns and the girls (couldn’t get you off). All the boys, all the choices in the world…”

The Tower

Alanis Morissette – Smiling

Karmic Intervention / Mars

“This is my first wave of my white flag. This is the sound of me hitting bottom. This my surrender, if that’s what you call it. In the anatomy of my crash and I keep on smiling, keep on moving. Can’t stand still…”

The Star

Motorcycle – As The Rush Comes [Gabriel & Dresden Chillout Mix]

Divine Inspiration / Uranus-Aquarius

“Traveling somewhere, could be anywhere. There’s a coldness in the air, yeah, but I don’t care.We drift deeper into the sound. Feeling strong. So bring it on, so bring it on. Embrace me, surround me as the rush comes…”

The Moon

Nina Simone – I Put A Spell On You

Primordial Feminine (Magick) / Pisces

“I put a spell on you because you’re mine…”

The Sun

The Cult – Sun King

Primordial Masculine (Confidence) / Leo

“I’m a sun king, baby. Let me take you by the hand. Sun king, honey, we can rule across the land. I’m a sun king, baby. With you, I’ll share my throne. A sun king, honey I can’t make it on my own, no…”


Social Distortion – Winners And Losers

Retrospective And Resurrection / Pluto

“Are you happy now with all the choices you’ve made? Are there times in life when you know you should’ve stayed? Will you compromise and then realize the price is too much to pay? Winners and losers, which one will I be today?”

Thanks kindly to Witch With Me for the invitation to share. Gratitude!

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