Unearthing Star Seeds

By Jacq Barnett | Instagram

One of the first memories I have is sitting by my bedroom window at twilight waiting to see the first stars winking to life. As soon as I saw one, I meditated on it fiercely, then closed my eyes and said;

Starlight starbright, first star I see tonight.

I wish I may, I wish I might,

Have this wish I wish tonight…”

Insert said wish, which most of the time was silly kid nonsense, but often enough, it was a plea. I would cry, silent tears streaming down my cheeks; wishing, begging, longing to go home. I had no idea what that meant. I was home… wasn’t I sitting in my Strawberry Shortcake decorated room? Isn’t that my barbie mansion in the corner?

This occurred into my teen years. Of course, at that age it embarrassed me to admit I still sat by my window wishing, and the longing urge confused me, so I never told a soul.

If my tale strikes a chord in your soul, I urge you to learn if you are a StarSeed incarnate.

 Let’s start with… What is a StarSeed???

First, I must set a standard (for this and any future post by me) and that is, reincarnation.  Our soul reincarnates over lifetimes to pay karmic debts and obtain soul growth. I could go on and on about reincarnation, instead, we are just going to agree our soul reincarnates over multiple lifetimes.

 Now, back to regularly scheduled program #StarSeeds.

 Seed in metaphysical terms is synonymous with soul. So, a StarSeed is a Star Soul.

Most humans on this planet are Earth Souls, they incarnate only on Earth repeatedly, until their soul reaches ascension and no longer needs to reincarnate.

(PS – those souls that don’t have to reincarnate but choose to, come back as Ascended Masters/Teachers – but we’ll save that for another day!)

For approximately 1% of the population, their souls incarnated on Earth from another star system. When you look toward the heavens in the night sky and see the beauty of the constellations, you are looking toward the origins of millions of souls. These Star Souls volunteered to incarnate on earth for many different reasons. Their home systems naturally vibrate higher, so they bring that vibrational energy to Earth. There are hundreds of star systems, therefore hundreds of “types” of StarSeeds, each voluntarily incarnated here with a mission.

StarSeeds can also incarnate on Earth over multiple lifetimes, this often happens because they are left in a state of amnesia until they awaken. If they do not awaken during one Earth lifetime, they may incarnate here again and again, until their mission is complete. While StarSeeds may have many Earthly lifetimes, their first incarnation, or Origin, is from a star system outside of our own.

Am I a StarSeed???

You know my tale; I have felt this longing to go home all my life but could never explain what that meant. Then I heard the word “StarSeed.” It was a passing comment in podcast I was listening to about a year ago, and in that instant something clicked. I had no idea what a StarSeed was, but I knew I had to find out. Chances are if something is clicking in you, you’re part of the 1%.

Some indicators of StarSeed Incarnates include;

  • A longing to go home, even if you can’t explain what that means.
  • Babies and/or animals may be drawn to or mesmerized by you.
  • You never feel like you truly fit in, or have a sense of belonging, even within your own family.
  • You’ve been told, even as a child, you were an “old soul.”
  • You tend toward escapism, living a vivid fantasy life.
  • You’re highly intuitive, empathetic, and you can feel (possibly manipulate) energies.
  • You’ve rejected organized forms of religion and live by your own spiritual quest.
  • You’re five senses seem to be more heightened than others; you’re sensitive to harsh light, loud noise, and you can smell the faintest scents. You probably love to experience new foods & tastes.
  • You’re drawn to the metaphysical, seeking answers to the unknown.
  • You have an aversion to “the media,” you feel it is especially full of negative energy.
  • You sometimes feel disconnected from your body, astral travel and lucid dreaming comes very easy to you.
  • You may find you don’t necessarily understand what the big deal about money is.
  • You may feel like you have no idea what your purpose or calling is, but feel you have something to “do” in this lifetime.

Some StarSeeds Awaken early to their origins and mission, others never do. Some of us awaken later in life. If you are picking up what I am laying down, you very well may be a StarSeed Incarnate. There are several ways to tell if you are a StarSeed, the first and easiest is to tune into your energy. Ask yourself; do you connect with this message; do you experience the above examples strongly in your life?

 If yes, then start exploring. A surefire way to know is to have an Akashic Records Retrieval session or a Past Life Regression. For me it was an instant click when I heard the word, and from there I couldn’t get enough information. Meditation was the way I choose to explore, and from there its been a gentle veil lifting every day. There are a lot of good resources out there, and a lot of shady ones, so protect yourself when discovering your soul, and always trust your intuition.

Seasons of Witchery is run by the eclectic witch everyone calls Jacq. She is a Lyran StarSeed still discovering her past lives and future missions. She’s been reading stars and slinging cards for most of her life, and has only recently come out of the broom closet. She likes to mix science with spirituality, currently earning her PhD in Metaphysics focusing on transpersonal counseling. If you would like to contribute to her doctoral dissertation work, Starseeds and Personalities; correlations between StarSeed Origins and MBTi, contact her via DM on Instagram.

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