Merging Witchcraft with the Everyday

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There is a sense, when we look at Instagram, that the #InstaWitch has plenty of time to burn herbs in their cauldron and write spells, take beautiful images of their altar and do live Tarot readings. It is true that some witches make their living full-time working their craft, which is amazing, and definitely life goals! However, when I set up my blog, One Boss Witch, it was because I didn’t see the space that was made for the Witch with a full time job, or with caring responsibilities, or the Witch with a disability that prevents them from doing photo shoots in the forest every week. How about the witch who lives in a household that is not supportive of the metaphysical? 

So how can we merge our practice with our everyday lives? 

  1. You don’t have to cast spells every single day

There is no rule that says if you don’t actively practice your craft every single day you are not a witch. Magic is within us – it’s a calling. Stirring your coffee in the morning can be magical. Taking your daily shower or bath can be your time for reflection and cleansing in a magical sense, as well as in a physical sense. Routines and actions that feel like ‘life admin’ can be turned into magic with a simple alteration in intention. Some witches practise almost entirely through cooking – and that’s a valid way to do it! 

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  1. Carry your crystals

I work in a variety of different places, and so I don’t have my own space at a specific office. So, I carry with me an assortment of specific crystals to help the space become my own. You can either keep these on your desk, or even just in your pocket or bag. Again – it’s all about the intention. For me, the must-have travel crystals are Hematite (to fight the computer-screen headaches), Obsidian (to absorb and deflect negative human energies), Aventurine (to give me courage in a new circle of people or with new tasks or responsibilities) and Rose Quartz (to keep me in a state of self-love). I also like to carry a Selenite wand to cleanse my spaces and my person. 

  1. Find like-minded people online

Before I took the plunge and launched my blog, I didn’t know that many people who were interested in witchcraft, crystals, or Tarot. Once I started to explore the online space, I found so many people, witches and readers alike, who shared my ideas and values. I began to feel that sense of community that I had so been lacking. There are Facebook groups and Instagram hashtags that will lead you to your people. So, if you feel isolated, or as though you don’t have anyone to learn from, log in and get searching. Your circle is there. You just have to find them. 

  1. Keep learning

If you are a commuter, then this is the perfect time to hone your craft. If you use an e-reader, you can download books on witchcraft, history, Tarot, metaphysical ideas and so forth, and nobody is going to know that you’re reading a book on occultism instead of the latest bestseller. Similarly, instead of spending your lunch break at work or quiet times alone at home scrolling social media (apart from when you’re finding your like-minded people!), read up and learn something new. Study the history. Look at the kinds of magic your ancestors might have practiced. Find the paths that call to you and see what leaps out and begs you to try it. That’s the beauty of learning – it never ends. 

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  1. Meditate

I am a huge advocate of meditation. I believe in meditation when I’m stressed, meditation when I’m happy, meditation when I’m tired, and meditation when I’m confused. It can be five minutes, or it can be an hour – whatever time you have available, you can make it work. I use an app that has thousands of guided meditations ranging from 1 minute to 75+. Plug in, close your eyes, and take a moment to breathe. Simply connecting with yourself in this way, concentrating on breath and the physicality of your body, will take you to another level of understanding the way your mind and body interact. During and after meditation are some of the times I have felt the most inspired, had my most exciting ideas, and made wonderful plans. You don’t have to know how to ‘do it properly’. Once again – this is about intention. So, if you have ten minutes alone, why don’t you sit quietly and just…breathe. I promise you’ll feel more alive afterwards. 

I am in constant awe of professional practitioners who make a living from the metaphysical alone. It is an enormous achievement. But for those of us who can’t, or can’t yet, don’t let imposter syndrome cloud your sense of self, and your sense of your own magic. We are each a unique practitioner, and every single witch still has something to learn. I know I do. 



About the Author: One Boss Witch is run by K, who works in the film and television industry by day, is completing a PhD in diversity, and blogs, makes, casts and reads for customers and clients by night and weekend. She is originally Australian but lives in West Yorkshire in the UK. She is currently dogless but is immediately obsessed with any canine acquaintance she might come across.

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