A Witch’s Salt

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In my practice, I frequently use salt for its various properties. It can be for its grounding principals or its protection. It helps tan my hides and preserve my ferments. It represents earth, but comes from the sea. This simple ingredient can have so many uses in the craft if you understand how to utilize it. I will teach you how I make two different witch’s salts: one to banish and one to amplify.

One of the most powerful protection tools I use is black salt. If you burn things to release them, you probably have everything you need to make it. Never throw away ashes. They are full of latent magickal energy you can use.

Photo Courtesy of Jane Jackalope

My favorite time to make this is during the new moon, after I have offered what no longer serves me to my deities. I light small fires in my cauldron and burn things. Afterwards, I add salt, and Black pepper and sometimes red pepper. I set the intentions by adding a stick of incense like you see here. I will also add any other ashes I may have collected for the process of releasing or banishing.

After the incense has burned, I will grab my pestle (mine is the end of an antler shed! Don’t be afraid to make do with what you have!) and grind everything into a fine powder. While doing so, I use a counter-clockwise or Widdershins motion to incorporate all the ingredients, strengthening the banishing energy. 

If your black salt is grey, and not black, burn a fire again in your cauldron and then grind everything again. A little extra charcoal works wonders. You can also add charcoal powder if you have it available .

I like to sift mine, and then store it in a labeled jar with the date and moon phase. It’s a great tool to have on hand. It is useful in witches jars, binding spells, banishing, and exorcism. 

Photo Courtesy of Jane Jackalope

Another form of salt I like to use is called grey salt. It doesn’t possess the repulsive energy like black salt does, but actually can be used like magickal MSG. It uses ashes from petitions and bay leaves to add a bit of extra energy you’ve already expended. You can use these positive ashes to amplify working in the form of sigils or candle dressings.

The process to make grey salt is nearly the same as black salt. You gather your cauldron full of ashes from positive workings, add salt and then an incense stick to seal your intention. As the incense burns, remember your power and let it grow. After the stick has burnt, get your pestle and grind the remainder of the workings into powder. Use a deosil direction (clockwise) to grind everything together and to raise power. 

One of my favorite things to use grey salt for is when I am feeling low energetically. It can make use of your past high magick and power during times of low energy. Use this in low effort spells and off the cuff magick. Use it to boost your sigils and to add to jar spells.

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